Weekly Social Events Program, SS Sythia, Cunard Line, January 1931

Front Cover, Weekly Social Events Program, SS Sythia, Cunard Line, January 1931

At the beginning of the Depression Era, Cunard Line printed this Weekly Social Events Program that explained some of the games and social activities they would do with the passengers on deck. Potato Race, Thread and Needle Race, Cock Fighting, Egg and Spoon Race, Driving Competition, “Are You There?”, Shoe Race, Whistling Competition, Boxing, Nail Driving Competition, Cigarette and Cracker Competition, Pillow Fighting on Spar, Deck Tennis and Shuffleboard Competition are all covered in this program.

Cunard RMS 'Scythia.
Captain: G. Gibbons, R.D., R,N.R.
From Liverpool to New York, (Via Belfast and Halifax) SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1931.

General Committee.

Committee and Event Information

In charge of Bridge: Mrs* R* Collishaw

In charge of Ping Pong : Mr* Jack Canning

In charge of Horse Pacing : Mr* Darcy Sadler

Lists Of Events Outside Purser’s Office

Sports Prizes will be distributed on Saturday Evening in the Lounge at the Charity Concert.

Entrance Fee One Shilling for each Event which goes toward the cost of Prizes.

Contests commence at 11-30 a.m. Participants are requested to look up their partners and to be as punctual as possible.

Social Events

Schedule of Social Events

Monday, January 12th—

  • Morning: Deck Games
  • Afternoon: Deck Games
  • Evening: Get-Together Dinner and Dance

Tuesday, January 13th—

  • Morning: Deck Games
  • Afternoon: Horse Racing
  • Evening: Dance

Wednesday, January 14th—

  • Morning: Deck Games
  • Afternoon: Deck Games
  • Evening: Bridge Tournament

Thursday, January 15th—

  • Morning: Deck Games
  • Afternoon Deck Games
  • Evening: Dance

Friday, January 16th—

  • Morning: Deck Games
  • Afternoon: Deck Games
  • Evening: Treasure Hunt and Dance

Saturday, January 17th—

  • Morning: Deck Games
  • Afternoon: Horse Racing
  • Evening: Concert

Deck Sports Programme

  1. Potato Race. For Ladies only. Eight potatoes one yard apart to be picked np and placed in a bucket at the starting point.
  2. Thread and Needle Race. Man with needle to run to his nominator who will give him a thread. Man to thread needle and return to starting point.
  3. Cock Fighting. For Men. In a circle ten feet in diameter. Best of three trials.
  4. Egg and Spoon Race. For Ladies and Children only. Over a course specially selected by the Committee.
  5. Driving Competition. For mixed Teams. Man to drive Lady over a course beset with difficulties.
  6. “Are You There?” For Men. Blindfold, holding hands. First to obtain three hits on his adversory’s head, winner.
  7. Shoe Race. For Ladies only. Both shoes of each competitor to be placed in a sack as the Committee may direct, Winner first back to starting point with her shoes properly fastened. (Slippers will not be allowed).
  8. Whistling Competition. Man to run to his partner drink a glass of soda and eat a biscuit, then whistle a tune which Lady will try and guess. Name and tune, when guessed, to be written on paper by Lady and handed to her partner, who will return to the starting point and hand paper to the Judges. (Tunes, biscuit, soda, pencils and paper provided by the Committee).
  9. Boxing. For Men. Two 2 minute rounds. Finals-one 3 minute round.
  10. Nail Driving Competition. For Ladies only. Ladies to rim to plank, hammer two nails into same and return to starting point.
  11. Cigarette and Cracker Competition. Man to run to Lady, who will finish a cracker before lighting her partner’s cigarette. First man home with cigarette alight the winner.
  12. Pillow Fighting on Spar. Best of three bouts. No holding spar.
  13. Deck Tennis. Ladies and Gentlemen.
  14. Shuffleboard Competition. Ladies and Gentlemen.

The ruling of the Judges and Committee shall be final.

Deck Sports Definitions / Explanations

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