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Sports and Entertainment Program, SS Zeeland, Red Star Line, 26 June 1924

Front Cover, Sports and Entertainment Program, SS Zeeland, Red Star Line, 26 June 1924

Excellent Graphics adorn the Covers and Program in this 1924 Sports and Entertainments Progamme performed onboard the SS Zeeland of the Red Star Line, Commanded by Captain A. J. Thomas on an Eastbound Voyage from New York.

Held on Board SS “ZEELAND”, - Commander A. J. THOMAS EASTBOUND FROM NEW YORK ON 26th JUNE 1924.



  • Mr. Wallace Tibbitts
  • Miss E. Persons
  • Mr. Daly Highleyman
  • Miss H. Leonard
  • Miss B. Ripley

Sports and Entertainment Program 1924

Sports and Entertainments

  • Friday Evening: Dance on Deck
  • Saturday Afternoon: Shoe Race, Sack Race, Bottle Driving, Walking the Line
  • Saturday Evening: Dance on Deck
  • Monday Afternoon: Egg & Spoon Race, Potato Race, Thread the Needle, Chalking Pig’s Eye
  • Tuesday Afternoon: Apple Diving, Wheel-barrow Race, Tug o' War for the Ladies and the Gentlemen
  • Tuesday Evening: Masquerade Ball
  • Wednesday Afternoon: Cock Fighting Finals; Deck Tennis Shuffle Board Bull Board Deck Quoits
  • Thursday: Grand Concert and Prize Distribution

Throughout the voyage Shuffleboard, Deck Tennis, Quoits & Bull Board will be played. Sports to be held on the Forward Deck, commencing at 2.00 p.m. each day.

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