Concert Program, RMS Olympic, White Star Line (1920)

Front Cover, Vintage Concert Program, RMS Olympic, White Star Line, 1920

Second Class Concert Program performed onboard the White Star Line Olympic, the sister ship of the Titanic. It was likely that the crew and passengers participated in putting on the concert which included a number of solo pieces and recitations.

(in aid of Seamen's Charities) will be held in the
Seconb Class Saloon,
: on
Monday, Nov. 1st, 1920,
At 8.15 p.m.


Chairman : Mr. WALTER YOUNG.

  1. Overture "Poet & Peasant"
    Olympic Orchestra
  2. Song "If I might come to you"
    Mrs. Groesbeck
  3. Dialogue "Who's Afraid"
    Miss B. & Master B. Clark
  4. Song "Until "
    Mr. W. Murdoch
  5. Violin Solo "Spanish Dance"
    Mr. J. Camahort
  6. Song " Bubbles "
    Miss E. Stalhuth
  7. Recitation "Making him feel at home"
    Miss B. Clark
  8. Song "Where my Caravan has rested"
    Miss Wall


Vintage Concert Program, RMS Olympic, White Star Line, 1920

  1. Piano Solo Selected
    Miss Deitz
  2. Song "Nirvana"
    Mr. W. Murdoch
  3. Banjo Solo Selected
    Mr. Geo. Hotton
  4. Entertainers in Song
    Mr. &. Mrs. Barker
  5. Recitation "George's Soliliquy"
    Master Billy Clark
  6. Song "Marie, My Girl"
    Mr. R. S. Hamilton
  7. Recitation "Frenchman in England'
    Mrs. Shutes
  8. Song Selected
    Miss H. Rhodes



Accompanists — Mr. Freeman and Mr. Brown.

Contributed by Pat Tiffany 2012

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