Heads of European Countries, 1923

Dr. Michael Hainisch, Pres., National Assembly.
Albert, King of the Belgians. His wife, Queen Elizabeth, was a Bavarian Duchess. They have three children, Prince Leopold (heir apparent), Prince Charles and Princess Marie José.
Boris III, Czar.
Thomas G. Masaryk, President.
ChristIan X. King. His Queen was Princess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg. They have two sons, Crown Prince Frederick and Prince Knud. The royal family of Denmark is related to almost every other royal family in Europe. The King's brother is the King of Norway, his cousin is the King of England, his nephew is the King of Greece, his mother was the daughter of the late King Charles XV. of Sweden, and he himself was a cousin of the late Czar of Russia.
Constantine Paets, State Head. Finland.—Prof. K. J. Stahlberg, President. Franee.—Alexandre Millerand, President. Germany.—Friederich Ebert, President.
Grcat Britain.
George V. King of the -United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the seas, and Emperor of India. Queen Mary was the Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, only daughter of the Duke of Teck. Their children are Edward Prince of Wales, Prince Albert, Princess Mary, Prince Henry and Prince George.
George II, King. He succeeded his father, Constantine I, In September, 1.922, upon Constantine's abdication.
Admiral Nicholas von Horthy. Regent.
Victor Emanuel III, King. Queen Elena was the daughter of Nicholas, King of Montenegro. Their children are Princess Yolanda, Princess Mafalda, Prince Humbert (heir-apparent), Princess Giovanna, and Princess Maria.
Jugoslavia (Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes)
Alexander, King.
Jan Chakste, President. Stulginskis, Acting President.
Charlotte, Grand Duchess. Monaco.—Louis, Prince.
Wilhelmina, Queen. Her consort is Prince Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Her daughter, Juliana Wilhelmina, Princess of Orange, was born in 1909.
Haakon VII, King, second son of the late King Frederick VIII of Denmark. He was elected to the crown by the Norwegian people. Queen Maude was the third daughter of the late King Edward VII of England. They have one son, Olav, Crown Prince.
Dr. Wojcziechowski, President.
Dr. Antonio J. d'Almeida, President.
Ferdinand, King. Queen Marie was the Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Their children are Crown Prince Carol, Princess Elizabeth, Princess Marie, Prince Nicholas and Princess Deana.
Soviet Cabinet, headed by Lenin and Trotsky.
Alfonso XIII, King. Queen Victoria Eugénie was the daughter of the late Prince Henry of Battenberg, and the granddaughter of the late Queen Victoria. They have four sons, Alfonso, Prince of the Austrians; Prince Jaime, Prince Juan, and Prince Gonzales, and two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Marie Christina.
Gustaf V, King. Queen Victoria was a Princess of Baden. They have three sons, Crown Prince Gustaf Adolph, Wilhelm and Eric.
Dr. Robert Haab, President.
Mustapha Kemal, Pres. Nat. Assembly
Ruled by Soviets.
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