Flags and Funnels of Steamship Lines - 1923

Below are flags and funnels markings for the major Transatlantic and Trans-Pacific steamship lines as of 1923. Includes the Cunard, White Star, United States Lines, United American Line, Pacific Mail Steamship Co., Admiral Line, American Line, Leyland Line, French Line, Matson Navigation Company, Munson SS Line, Swedish American Line, Dominion Line, Anchor Line, Holland America Line, Scandinavian American Line, Baltic American Line, Norwegian America Line, Allan Line, Royal Mail Steam Packet Line, Toyo Kisen, Phelps Lines, Cosulich Line, Canadian Pacific Ocean Services,

Flags and Funnels of Steamship Lines - Part 1

Flags and Funnels of Steamship Lines (Continued): Nippon Yusen, Lloyd Italiana, Lloyd Sabaudo, Transoceanica Line, Italia Line, Canadian Austrailasia Royal Mail Line, United Fruit Company, Lamport Hold Line, La Veloce Line, Hamburg America Line, Union SS Co. of New Zealand, North German Lloyd, Fabre Line.

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