Atlantic Steamship List - 1923

Following is a simple directory of steamship lines and their various services from New York and nearby ports, to different parts of the world. An attempt has been made to give a complete list of the ports touched by these lines and to classify the latter according to the parts of the world to which they proceed.

First is given the name of the line, next its New York office and its pier, when one is in regular use, and then a list of the ports reached by the steamers of the service named. When more than one service is maintained, these are distinguished by the letters (a), (b), (c), etc.

Northern Europe

AMERICAN.-42 Broadway; Pier 62, NR.; Cobh (Queenstown), Plymouth, Cherbourg, Hamburg.

BALTIC-AMERICA.-9 Broadway; Pier 5, South Brooklyn; Hamburg, Danzig, Libau.

CUNARD-ANCHOR.—Cunard, Building, 25 Broadway; Piers 53-56 NR.; at Cherbourg, Southampton; (b) Cobh (Queenstown), Liverpool; (c) Plymouth, Cherbourg, Hamburg; (d) Londonderry, Glasgow; (e) Londonderry, Liverpool, Glasgow; (f) from Boston: Cobh (Queenstown), Liverpool; (g) from Boston: Londonderry, Glasgow.

FRENCH.-19 State St.; Pier 57, NR.; (a) Plymouth, Havre; (b) Havre; (c) Vigo, Bordeaux.

HAMBURG-AMERICAN.-39 Broadway; (a) Cherbourg, Southampton, Hamburg; (b) Hamburg, direct. Joint service with United American Lines; United American Lines General Agents in U. S.

HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE.-24 State St.; Pier 3 foot 5th St., Hoboken; Plymouth, Boulogne, Rotterdam. Calls at Southampton, westbound, instead of Plymouth.

NORTH GERMAN LLOYD.-14 and 16 Pearl St.; Hoboken, foot of 6th St.; Bremen.

NORWEGIAN AMERICA.-22 Whitehall St.; Pier, Foot of 30th St., Brooklyn; Bergen, Stavangeri Christiansand, Christiania.

RED STAR.-1 Broadway; Pier 61, NR.; (a) Plymouth, Cherbourg, Antwerp; (b) Hamburg, Libau, Danzig.

ROYAL MAIL STEAM PACKET CO.-26 Broadway, Pier 42 NR.; Cherbourg, Southampton, Hamburg.

SCANDINAVIAN-AMERICAN.--27 Whitehall St.; Pier, Ft. 17th St., Hoboken; Christiansand, Christiania, Copenhagen.

SWEDISH-AMERICAN.-24 State St.; Pier 97, NR.; Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Christiania, Copenhagen, Helsingfors.

UNITED AMERICAN.-39 Broadway; Pier 86, NR.; (a) Plymouth, Cherbourg, Hamburg; (b) Hamburg, direct. Joint service with Hamburg America Line.

UNITED STATES LINES.-45 Broadway; Piers 1-2-4, Hoboken, N. J.; (a) Plymouth, Cherbourg, Bremen; (b) Queenstown, Plymouth, Cherbourg, London; (c) Plymouth, Cherbourg, London; (d) Queenstown, Bremen; (e) Queenstown, Bremen, Danzig.

WHITE STAR.-1 Broadway; Piers 59-60, NR.; (a) Cherbourg, Southampton; (b) Queenstown, Liverpool; (c) Philadelphia or Boston: Queenstown, Liverpool.

Northern Europe—St. Lawrence Route

CANADIAN PACIFIC STEAMSHIPS, LTD.—N. Y. Offices, Canadian Pacific Building, Madison Ave. & 44th St. From Quebec: (a) Cherbourg, Southampton, Hamburg, Liverpool. From Montreal and Quebec: (a) Liverpool; (b) Cherbourg, Southampton, Antwerp; (c) Belfast, Glasgow.

CUNARD-ANCHOR.—(See above); (a) Montreal to Liverpool; (b) Montreal to Plymouth, Cherbourg, London; (c) Montreal to Glasgow; (d) Halifax to Liverpool. WHITE STAR DOMINION.—(See above); (a) Montreal, Quebec, Liverpool; (b) Montreal, Cherbourg, Bremen.

Southern Europe

COMPANIA TRASATLANTICA.—Pier 8, ER.; Regular services, Barcelona, Cadiz; for Vigo, Coruña, Gijon, Santander, Bilbao, occasional sailings.

COMPANIA. TRASMEDITERRANEA.— 82 Beaver Street; Cadiz, Barcelona, Cartagena, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, Tarragona.

COSULICH LINE.—(Phelps Bros. & Co. Genl Agents) 17 Battery Pl.; Pier 7, Bush Terminal, B'klyn; Naples, Patras.

CUNARD-ANCHOR.—(See above): St. Michaels, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Naples, Patras, Dubrovnik, Trieste.

FABRE.-17 State St.; Pier, Ft. 31st St., Brooklyn; Azores, Lisbon, Palermo, Naples, Marseilles, Monaco, Piraeus, Beirut.

GREEK.-20 Pearl St.; Piraeus.

ITALIAN TRANSATLANTIC.-5 State St.; Pier 25, NR.; Naples, Genoa.

LLOYD SADAUDO.-3 State St.; Pier 95, NR.; Naples, Genoa.

NAVIGAZIONE GENERALE ITALIANA.-1 State St.; Pier 97, N.H.; Azores, Palermo, Naples, Genoa.

WHITE STAR.—(See above); Azores, Gibraltar, Naples, Genoa.

South America (East Coast)

BOOTH.-17 Battery Place; Pier, 33d St., South Brooklyn; (a) Para, Pernambuco, Maranhao, Ceara, Tutoia, Cabadello, Natal, Maceió, Manáos; (b) Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Paranaguá, Rio Grande do Sul.

LAMPORT HOLT.-42 Broadway; Pier, Ft. 15th St., Hoboken; Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires.

LLOYD BRAZILEIRO.-20 Pearl St.; Pier 5, Bush Terminals; Para, Ceara, Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santos.

MUNSON.-67 Wall St.; Pier 1, Hoboken; Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires; alternate steamers southbound and all steamers northbound stop at Santos; all northbound steamers stop at St. Thomas, V. I.

NORTON, LILLY.-26 Beaver St.; Barbados, Montevideo, Buenos Aires.

South America (West Coast)

SOUTH AMERICAN STEAMSHIP CO. (COMPANIA SUD AMERICANA DE VAPORES).-25 Broad St.; Cristobal, Paita, Callao, Mollendo, Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, Valparaiso; coast service from Cristobal fortnightly to all intermediate ports.

GRACE.-10 Hanover Sq.; Pier 33, Atlantic Docks, Bklyn.; Cristobal, Balboa, Salaverry, Callao, Mollendo, Arica, IquIque, Antofagasta, Coquimbo, Valparaiso.

PACIFIC LINE.-26 Broadway; Pier 42, N.R.; (a) Havana, Cristobal, Callao, Mollendo, Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, Valparaiso; (b) Puerto Colombia, Cartagena, Cristobal, Buenaventura, Esmeraldas, Bahia, Manta, Guayaquil and Central American ports.


FURNESS-BERMUDA..-34 Whitehall St., Pier 95, N.R.; Hamilton.

ROYAL MAIL STEAM PACKET CO.—(See above); Hamilton and British West Indies.

West Indies, Caribbean Ports & Mexico

CARIBBEAN.-8 Bridge St., Pier 2, Bklyn.; Kingston, Puerto Colombia, Cartagena, Curaçao, Puerto Cabello, Colon.

CLYDE.-25 Broadway; Pier 34, Atlantic Basin, Bklyn.; Turks Island, Monte Cristi, Puerta Plata, Sanchez, Samaria, Macoris, La Romana, Santo Domingo City, Azua, Barahofia.


N. Y. & PORTO RICO.-25 Broadway; Pier 35, Atlantic Basin, Bklyn.; San Juan, Ponce, Mayaguez.

PANAMA R. R.-24 State St.; Pier 67, NR.—(a) Colon, Port au Prince; (b) Colon and all Haytian ports; (c) Colon, Esmeraldas, Bahia, Manta, Porto Bolivar, Guayaquil.

QUEBEC.-34 Whitehall St.; Ft. W. 10th St.; St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Kitts, Montserrat, Antigua, Guadaloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados.

RED "D."-82 Wall St.; Pier 11, Bklyn.; (a) San Juan, Curaçao, La Guayra, Puerto Cabello and Marcaibo, via Curaçao; (b) Mayaguez, La Guayra, Curaçao, Maracaibo.

UNITED FRUIT.-17 Battery Pl. and 281 5th Ave.; Piers 9, N.R.; and 16, E.R.; (a) Havana, Cristobal, Port Limon; (b) Kingston, Cristobal, Cartagena, Puerto Colombia, Santa Marta; (c) Santiago, Kingston, Belize, Puerto Barrios, Puerto Cortez, Puerto Castillo, Tela.

WARD.--Pier 13, Foot of Wall St.; Nassau, Havana, Progreso, Vera Cruz, Tampico.


MUNSON.—(See above); Pier 9, East River; Nassau. WARD.—(See above); Nassau.

West Indies, Caribbean Ports, Mexico and American Pacific Coast Ports

PACIFIC MAIL.-10 Hanover Square; Pier 33, Atlantic Terminal, Bklyn.; Cristobal, Balboa, La Libertad, Acajutla, San José de Guatemala, Manzanillo, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Stops at Havana eastbound only.


COMPANIA TRASATLANTICA.—(See above); Havana. MUNSON.—(See above); Pier 9, E.R.; Nuevitas and Antilla.

PACIFIC LINE.—(See above); Havana.

PACIFIC MAIL.—(See above); Havana.

UNITED FRUIT.—(See above); Havana, Santiago. WARD.—(See above); Havana.

NOTICE:—Havana is also in the itinerary of White Star, Royal Mail and Canadian Pacific Cruises to the Caribbean.

Africa and India

AMERICAN & INDIAN.-26 Beaver St.; Pier 2, Bush Terminals; Port Said, Karachi, Bombay, Colombo, Madras, Rangoon, Calcutta.

AMERICAN & AFRICAN.—Norton, Lilly & Co., (see above); Cape Town, Durban.

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