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Vintage Brochures of the White Star Line - GG Archives

Vintage Brochure - White Star Line Royal & United States Mail Steamers 1907
Excellent brochure from the White Star Line covering all three classes of services at the height of the transatlantic immigrant trade. Profusely illustrated with many photographs of the ships and accommodations.

The Famous Big 4 of the New York - Liverpool Service - White Star Line - 1909 Brochure
The Famous Big 4 of the New York Liverpool Serivce - The Adriatic, Baltic, Cedric and Celtic - 8 Page brochures packed with photos (Interior and exterior) and information on the ships.

Vintage Brochure - White Star Line Majestic: The World's Largest Ship - 1922
One of the finest brochures issued by the New York Office of the White Star Line. It covers the first class accommodations with a visual record of the grand luxury of the public area, dining salooon, lounges with a few photographs of the elegant second class accommodations.

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