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White Star Line 3rd Class Accommodations 1907

HOWEVER marked the change for the better in the modern First and Second Class passenger accommodation, both these must yield to the Third Class (" Steerage " no longer) in the extra­ordinary transformation that has taken place of recent years.

The democratic age we live in demands strenuous efforts on the part of steamship companies to provide nothing short of the best for Third Class patrons; and it is well known that the White Star Line has from its inception been the forerunner of many improvements, with the result that for years past it has carried the largest number of Third Class passengers from these shores to New York.

Third Class Reading and Dining Rooms

Photo 28: Third Class Reading, And Dining Rooms.

In former days, the accommodation consisted entirely of what might be termed open dormitories, whereas now it includes good separate airy cabins; and the Third Class passenger is better off in most respects than the Intermediate of twenty years ago, while the fare is not more than was paid by his predecessor in the Steerage.

A Third Class 4-Berth Room, And Smoking Room

Photo 29: A Third Class 4-Berth Room, And Smoking Room.

The Dining Room is now what its name signifies, a room specially set apart in which one may dine or partake of food; and not merely a certain space on the ship, which may serve the various purposes of a sleeping apartment, a refectory, or a sitting room. It is now the custom on all White Star steamers for Third Class travelers to be waited on at meals by Stewards, as in the other classes, and this innovation has proved most acceptable to the Company's patrons.

Third Class 6-Berth RoomThird Class Dining Room

Photos 30 A and B: Third Class 6-Berth Room, and Dining Room

The Reading, or Recreation Room, with the luxury of a piano, is a modern concession, which is greatly appreciated, and conduces much to the enjoyment of women and children in this class.

The Smoking Room is a real advantage to the male passenger who, in the majority of cases, even if he does not himself indulge in the use of tobacco, likes the society of lovers of the weed.

Separate Cabins. The introduction of separate cabins, comfortably furnished, is a great boon to married couples, and this accommodation is now provided not only for them, but also for single men and women.

RMS Romanic Third Class Pormenade Deck

Photo 33: RMS "Romanic," Third Class Promenade Deck

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