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2nd Class Accommodations - White Star Line - 1907

RMS Oceanic Second Class Smoking Room and Dining Saloon

Photo 24: R M.S "Oceanic," Second Class Smoke Room. & Dining Saloon

THE WHITE STAR LINE recognizes that in this progressive age there is an increasing number of travelers who do not perhaps desire the luxury of the First Class accommodation, but wish for the highest modicum of comfort in keeping with a reasonable rate of passage.

RMS Cedric  and Celtic Second Class Dining Saloon, Library and Smoking Room

Photo 25: RMS Cedric and Celtic Second Class Dining Saloon, Library and Smoke Room

And so, as a glance at the illustrations will show, the White Star Line fully estimates the importance of maintaining the Second Class accommodation on its steamers at a high standard of excellence; indeed it may fairly be stated that the Second Class quarters nowadays, comprising, as they do, Dining Saloon, Library, and Smoke Room (all spacious and well ventilated apartments), and State Rooms of cheery aspect, compare favorably with those of the First Class of some ten years ago.

RMS Romanic Second Class Stateroom

Photo 27-A: R.M S "Romanic," Second Class State Room, & Dining Saloon

It will be noted that this increase of comfort is not confined to one or two favored steamers, but applies to all, in both the New York and Boston Services. Whilst the “Oceanic " and " Celtic " may be taken as types of the senior service, the " Republic " and "Romanic " represent the Boston Service which the White Star Line recently inaugurated with such gratifying results, alike to the Company and the travelling public.

RMS Romanic Second Class Dining Saloon

Photo 27-B: R.M S "Romanic," Second Class Dining Saloon


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