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Services and Connections - White Star Line - 1907

The services and connections of the white star line encircle the globe,

The passenger services of the white star line are maintained entirely by Twin screw steamers, including “Oceanic," “Majestic," and “Teutonic," which are among the fastest steamers in the world, “Baltic," 24,000 tons, "Cedric" and "Celtic," each 21,000 tons, three of the largest British steamers afloat.

"Arabic” and “Republic" are the largest, fastest, and finest steamers sailing to Boston.

White Star Line Service

  • Liverpool - New York (Passenger and Cargo)
  • Liverpool - New York (Cargo and Live Stock)
  • Liverpool - Boston (Passenger and Cargo)
  • Liverpool - South Africa (Passenger)
  • Liverpool - Australia (Passenger And Cargo)
  • Liverpool - Australia (Cargo)
  • Liverpool - New Zealand (Cargo)
  • London - South Africa - New Zealand (Joint Service With Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Ltd.) (Passenger and Cargo)
  • New York - Mediterranean (Passenger and Cargo)
  • Boston - Mediterranean (Passenger and Cargo)

Interior View of the Riverside Station, Liverpool

Photo 5: Interior View of the Riverside Station, Liverpool.

White Star Line Overview

Events have indeed moved rapidly in the history of the WHITE STAR LINE, which, founded no earlier than 1869, now owns 30 steamers (28 are fitted with twin screws), aggregating well over 350,000 tons.

But although this constitutes it one of the largest shipping organizations in the world, there are other features of equal interest connected with the White Star Line which have always attracted the favorable attention of travelers.

As is generally known, the average tonnage per steamer of its fleet is greater than that of any other Company; and this superiority is not to be attributed merely to the possession of three of the largest vessels afloat, the " Baltic," 24,000 tons, the " Cedric," and " Celtic " each 21,000 tons, and the famous " Oceanic," 17,274 tons, but to the fact that among the steamers comprising the White Star fleet there are, in addition to these, no fewer than 18 vessels each over 10,000 tons gross register.

Other features to be noted are that all the services of the Line are maintained by twin-screw steamers, built exclusively by the renowned firm of Harland & Wolff, Belfast; and that the Marconi Wireless System of Telegraphy is installed on the New York Passenger Steamers.

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