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First Class Acccommodations - White Star Line - 1907

The White Star Line, moreover, has always made it a point to be satisfied with nothing less than the highest standard of excellence as regards its arrangements for the comfort of travelers.

That its efforts have been duly appreciated is apparent when we learn that the White Star Line, during the years 1904 and 1905, carried a larger number of First Class pas­sengers to New York than any other Atlantic Line.

The accompanying illustrations represent a few of the well-known Liners of the fleet, and we take the opportunity to here refer to the principal features likely to interest the travelling public.

It has been seen that the “Oceanic” is 17,274 tons gross register; her great length (704 feet over all), and breadth (68 feet), have given an opportunity for arranging passenger accommodation at once spacious, airy, and exceptionally comfortable.

The decorations of some of the principal apartments and staircase, designed by the eminent architect, Mr. R. Norman Shaw, R.A., are in every way excellent; indeed the artistic taste displayed throughout has been universally admired.

Oceanic First Class Dining Saloon

Photo 6: RMS "Oceanic," First Class Dining Saloon, Showing Dome.

To begin with, the Library, which, situated on the promenade deck, is 53 feet long by 40 feet wide. A truly handsome apartment is this. Entering by lofty folding doors of mahogany, the visitor finds himself in a bay or recess -- one of seven grouped round the apartment -- the other six forming cozy corners adapted for reading and conversation; at the further end the room is bounded by a graceful curve or alcove, in which the bookcases form the central feature.

Then the octagonal skylight, with its graceful arches rising to a height of over 12 feet from the floor; and the treatment of the ceiling in broad panels, with scroll ornaments in low relief, gilt upon a white ground; and the dainty decoration of the sliding shutters of the ports -- all these, whilst charming in themselves, are a delightful contrast to the dark mahogany of the tables, bookcases, chairs and seats. Small wonder that the Library on the " Oceanic " is a favorite resort.

Oceaninc First Class Smoke Room, Library Entrance and Library

Photo 7 (Collage): RMS "Oceanic" First Class Smoke Room, Entrance to Library, and Library

The Dining Saloon, which has a length of 80 feet by 64 feet, and will seat 358 persons, possesses in the admirably painted decorations of its dome perhaps the most notable artistic feature in the ship. Nor must the ceiling paneled out in deep coffers, with richly gilt cored moldings in them, pass unnoticed; nor yet again the handsome screen of carved oak, with its panels of glass defended by rows of beautiful candelabra-shaped columns.

The carpets, Khiva pat­tern, are woven from old examples, and the electric lighting is entirely from above, i.e. from the ceiling panels and from the ribs of the dome.

The Smoking Room is entered through a very hand­some doorway, and is surmounted by two large domes, the tops of which are wagon-shaped, with a provision to allow the escape of overheated air.

The ceiling of this room is formed of delicately carved and molded ribs, with the members enriched with gold, and the general effect has been greatly assisted by the intro­duction of a series of oil paintings representing scenes in the life of Columbus. Seats are arranged in a series of bays all round the room, with large settees in the centre.

In the State Rooms, all that experience can suggest has been done for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Many on the upper decks, where there are suites with bathrooms, are elaborately and luxuri­ously furnished. There is a large number of single berth rooms, and all are well ventilated, with wide passages affording facility of access.

The “Majestic” and " Teutonic” are each replicas, on not quite the immense size, of the “Oceanic," and equal that steamer in combined comfort and luxury.

The former has recently been renovated, the Library having been enlarged, and a new dome of handsome design fitted over the First Class Dining Saloon; whilst in addition to an increase in the number of state rooms (including four suites, each com­prising bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom, for such as desire specially luxurious accommodation).

The " Majestic " has had her entire passenger accommodation redecorated, painted and upholstered, and furnished in the latest and most approved style. With the " Teutonic," her sister ship, the " Majestic " can fairly claim to be one of the most attractive steamers crossing the Atlantic; and both are regularly em­ployed in the mid-weekly Service carrying the Mails from Liverpool and New York for the British and United States Governments.

Teutonic First Class Dining Saloon

Photo 10: RMS "Teutonic," First Class Dining Saloon, Showing Dome.

The " Baltic," " Cedric " and " Celtic " are three of the largest steamers in the world, the tonnage of the first-named being 24,000, whilst the " Cedric " and " Celtic " are each 21,000 tons. The “Baltic," more­over, with a length of 725 feet 9 inches, is the longest ship afloat. Each has accommodation for nearly 3,000 passengers, besides quarters for a crew of about 350.

The exceptional steadiness of these steamers at sea, and the general " roominess," owing to their enormous size, have made them most popular with passengers, who have evinced much appreciation of several novel features to be found in them, e.g. -- suites, consisting of bed, sitting and bath rooms -- single berth staterooms, and so forth.

Celtic First Class Dining Saloon

Photo 11: RMS " Celtic," First Class Dining Saloon

The Dining Saloon on each of these steamers is a splendid apartment. Situated on the upper deck, it extends the full width of the ship, 75 feet; is lofty and airy; and contains seating accommodation for over 300 people. In the centre is a handsome domed skylight, through the stained glass of which a beautiful soft light falls.

The ceiling is done in white and gold lyncrusta, and the walls are superbly paneled with elaborate figures, and rich carvings and moldings. There is more than the usual space between the tables, and altogether the Dining Saloon is an exceptionally imposing feature of the ship.

We almost feel inclined to call the Library the Ladies' Room, as everything calculated to conduce to their comfort appears to have been provided' here -- a book case containing a well-selected assortment of books -- elegant and completely equipped writing tables, and comfortable settees.

The parquetry floor is covered with a rich pile carpet, and the large square windows are fitted with stained glass draw panels and jalousies.

Cedric and Celtic First Class Library

Cedric and Celtic First Class Smoke Room

Photos 13 A and B: RMS "Cedric," And "Celtic," First Class Library, And Smoke Room

Cedric and Celtic First Class Stateroom

Photo 14: RMS “Cedric and "Celtic," A First Class State Room.

An ideal lounge is the Smoking Room -- at once spacious and luxuriously appointed. The walls are covered with embossed leather in a rich and hand­some pattern, and the armchairs and settees, similar to those in the “Oceanic," are as cozy and comfortable as could be wished.

Before passing on to a description of the Boston service, some reference may be made to the new steamer “Adriatic," now on the stocks at Belfast. An extraordinary amount of interest has been awakened on both sides of the Atlantic in regard to this vessel, which is expected to take her place in the Liverpool and New York Mail and Passenger service early next year.

In some respects the "Adriatic " will resemble the "Baltic," but her tonnage and speed will both be greater, whilst everything that the combined experience and foresight of builders and owners can devise for the comfort of passengers will' be found on this latest monarch of the ocean.

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