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Austrailian & New Zealand Services - White Star Line - 1907

Australian and New Zealand Services

A most popular branch of the Line is the Australian Service, by which one class of passengers only is taken. The five twin-screw steamers comprising it are each of 12,000 tons gross register, and thus the largest in the trade dispatched from the United Kingdom. They leave Liverpool every four weeks for Albany, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, calling at Cape Town on the outward voyage. Homewards they touch at Durban, Cape Town, and Tenerife, landing passengers for the United Kingdom at Ply­mouth and London.

Australian Steamers, Reading Room

Photo 37: Australian Steamers, Reading Room

The passenger accommodation is of a superior description, and includes Reading, Smoking and Dining Rooms, and excellent Bathrooms, whilst the promenade -- but also permits of various games being played during the voyage -- an advantage that is readily availed of.

In conjunction with the Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Ltd., the White Star Line has a monthly sailing from London to New Zealand, and among the steamers of the latter engaged in this service are three over 12,000 tons -- the largest in the trade. The outward voyage is made via Tenerife, Cape Town, and Tas­mania, but homeward the course is via Cape Horn, and Rio de Janeiro and Tenerife are touched at, passengers for the United Kingdom being landed at Plymouth and London.

Australian Steamers. Smoke Room

Photo 39: Australian Steamers. Smoke Room

In addition to the foregoing Passenger Services, the White Star Line dispatches twin-screw Cargo Steamers regularly from Liverpool to New York, Australia, and New Zealand.


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