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Vintage Brochure - SS Leviathan - Views of Second Class - 1923

Facts about the Leviathan and Other Ships

The second class accommodations of the Leviathan were the choice of many middle and upper-middle class passengers in 1923. Below are photographs of the Social Hall and Lobby encountered by thes Second Class passengers. There are also facts and information on the steamship Leviathan and a listing of other ships of the United States Lines.

Second Class Social Hall

The passenger who elects to travel second class on the Leviathan will find both luxury and comfort in this stately Social Hall.

Second Class Lobby

In the second class lobby is the same majestic beauty, the same stately elegance that characterizes the rooms for first class passengers.

GLANCE at the foregoing illustrations must convince anyone that the Leviathan is the most beautiful ship in the world. One reason for this lies in the fact that the re-building of the Leviathan's interior and its re-decoration has been from the beginning under one direction.

Realizing that the short-comings of many ships are due to divided effort in this respect, Messrs. Gibbs Bros., who had charge of the re-conditioning, early engaged Messrs. Walker and Gillette, already distinguished as marine architects, to oversee and direct the entire work.

Under their direction the carpets were woven, the furniture, silverware, and china designed, the pictures and oh-jets d'art chosen. There the infinite variety of the Leviathan's interiors have been made possible without sacrifice of harmony in the whole.

Something of the immensity of this task may be imagined when it is known that 20,000 square yards of carpet are used on the Leviathan and, in addition, 3,000 square yards of Oriental rugs.

The length of this great ship is 950 feet, 7 inches over all. She measures 100 feet in breadth. Her gross registered tonnage is 59,956.65.

As re-conditioned the Leviathan will accommodate a total of 3,402 passengers — 976 first class, 548 second class and 1,878 third class.

The Leviathan has been converted into an oil-burner with quadruple screw turbine engines, which develop a normal horsepower of 66,000 but are capable of developing 100,000.

The entire electrical equipment of the ship has been renewed. This equipment includes 15,000 electric lamps and 500 miles of electric wiring. The entire ship may literally be operated by the touch of a button. There are 600 telephones aboard.

The safety equipment Of the Leviathan is among the finest known. This equipment also was renewed and brought up-to-date when the ship was re-conditioned. The vessel carries 76 life-boats with a carrying capacity for 4,750 persons.

Other Ships of the United States Lines

between New York—Plymouth Cherbourg and Bremen with connections for Danzig

First Class Ships

Gross Registered length, feet tonnage

  • George Washington 722 23,788
  • President Harding 535 14,127
  • President Roosevelt 535 14,127

Cabin Ships

  • America 687 21,144
  • President Fillmore 525 9,699
  • President Arthur 545 10,421

between New York Cobh (Queenstown) Plymouth, Cherbourg and London

Cabin Ships

  • President Polk 522 10,513
  • President Van Buren 522 10,533
  • President Garfield 522 10,533
  • President Monroe 522 10,533
  • President Adams 522 10,533

Being Reconditioned

  • President Buchanan 615 18,400
  • Agamemnon 706 19,503
  • Mount Vernon 706 19,503

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  5. Scenes of Staterooms and Suites of the First Class Passengers
  6. Views of Second Class; Facts about the Leviathan and Other Ships


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