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Vintage Brochure - S.S. Leviathan - The Social Hall, Tea Room and Smoking Room - 1923

Exquisite large photographs captured the superb elegance of the very popular Social Hal, the charming Tea-Room and the great steamship gathering place called the Smoking Room.

The Social Hall

The Social Hall

This is a Louis XIV room with magnificent French Oak panelling. It is shown here in its winter dress with curtains of rich red, copied from an old French damask of the Louis XIV period.

Like all the other rooms of the Leviathan this one has decorations for both winter and summer. The summer curtains will be of the hand-blocked linen with bouquets taken from a famous Van Hueysen flower painting. There is also a magnificent lacquered screen, especially painted by Robert W. Chandler. The carpets were especially woven and copied from some of the most famous Persian rugs. This room is also distinguished by four exceptionally fine decorative pictures, which are in keeping with the spirit of the room and add greatly to its beauty.

A corner of the Social Hall

A corner of the Social Hall. Note the grace and beauty of the old French panelling.

Leviathan's charming Tea-Room

The Leviathan's charming Tea-Room. Queen Anne in character with old English color prints by Morland and other celebrated artists.

A view of the Smoking Room

A view of the Smoking Room showing the fireplace. This is an early English Room of English Oak, light and cheerful in color.

A painting of the great Leviathan

A painting of the great Leviathan as size will appear as a passenger ship under the American flag.

A corner of the Smoking Room

A corner of the Smoking Room for a pleasant chat. The chairs are leather and tapestry covered.

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  5. Scenes of Staterooms and Suites of the First Class Passengers
  6. Views of Second Class; Facts about the Leviathan and Other Ships


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