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Vintage Brochure - SS Leviathan - Ritz-Carlton Room, Library and Winter Garden

Large format photographs taken on board the steamship Leviathan in 1923 showing views of passengers in the Ritz-Carlton Restaurant and Room, The First Class Library and the beautiful Winter Garden.

The Ritz-Carlton Restaurant

The Ritz-Carlton Restaurant is superbly elegant. Rich and formal in every line it represents a masterpiece of artistic decoration.

The Ritz-Carlton Room

The Ritz-Carlton Room

HE Ritz-Carlton Restaurant, finished in the style of the Empire, is a feature of exceptional decorative interest.

All the wood-work is of mahogany, exquisitely carved. The ornaments, of cut metal in a dull, old gold finish, the frescoed ceiling, the chair coverings in plum color and old gold, the perfectly matched carpets, all combine to give an atmosphere of the richest beauty.

Opposite is shown a view of the library, an Adam room, perfectly designed to add to the pleasures of reading. The walls and ceilings, with their exquisite designs, are of a soft gray green. The carpet was especially woven after a famous Adam design. The colors throughout the room are in soft grays, blues and greens.

First Class Library on the Leviathan

The Library. The color scheme lends a restful, pleasant atmosphere to the room.

The Winter Garden

The Winter Garden

Against a background of warm putty color the clustered blossoms and graceful palms in this room provide an almost tropical charm. Soaring columns with gold capitals, chairs and tables painted to blend with the walls, green lattice work and curtains of gold and black, complete and perfect the decoration of this room which is in truth a garden fit either for winter or summer. Here again the airiness and spaciousness of Leviathan interiors is apparent. And the absence of expensive bad taste is notable.

Were it not for the tang of the salt air and the ready accessibility of the broad decks, one would not suppose oneself to be on a ship at all. The interior of the Leviathan is like that of the most luxurious home.

A corner of the Winter Garden

A corner of the Winter Garden, with the Ritz restaurant in the background.

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