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Vintage Brochure - S.S. Leviathan - Scenes of Staterooms and Suites - 1923

First Class Passengers

Experience the first class luxuries of this grand ocean liner, Leviathan, in its Suites and Staterooms. These photographs include a number of women passengers in the latest fashions from the 1920's.

A typical stateroom with fireplace

A typical stateroom with fireplace. Nothing could be more charming than this room with soft gray walls, pomegranatin curtains and bedspreads, black and beige carpet.

Bedroom of a suite

Bedroom of a suite. The color scheme is Nile green, gray and black. The pictures are 18th Century color prints.

A stateroom with bath adjoining

A stateroom with bath adjoining. Note the spaciousness and attractiveness of these rooms.

Convenience and Beauty of the Leviathan

No detail either of convenience or beauty is lacking in the rooms of the Leviathan.

A typical stateroom with bath

A typical stateroom with bath. The walls are panelled in mahogany of a light brown Hepplewhite color.

1923 USL S.S. Leviathan Brochure Sections (Quick Links)

  1. The S.S. Leviathan - Troup Transport to Luxury Liner
  2. Views and Information on the Ritz-Carlton Room, Library and Winter Garden
  3. The Social Hall, Tea Room and Smoking Room
  4. First Class Staterooms and Suites, Sitting Room and Breakfast Room
  5. Scenes of Staterooms and Suites of the First Class Passengers
  6. Views of Second Class; Facts about the Leviathan and Other Ships


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