Excitement of a Transatlantic Voyage on USL

Feel the excitement of planning and embarking on a transatlantic voyage onboard one of our luxurious ocean liners or even an economy voyage in our one-class ships of the American Merchant Line. We'll Get You There In Style.

Take Your Car To Europe Via United States Lines

Through Europe in your own car — easily and inexpensively. You drive onto the pier in New York ... and off the pier in Europe. You can travel over modern European highways, see new places and new people, and at the same time "know the car you're driving." There's no better way to really see the countries you visit.

The Roosevelts Socialize On USL Liner

Putting on the crowning touch for a picture, but this time the Roosevelt's cameraman was a bit ahead of schedule.

American Export Line One Class Ships


The American Banker, American Trader, American Merchant, American Farmer, American Shipper and the American Importer are a fleet of smaller ships that have won a wide following, especially among two general types of travelers—those who want a very inexpensive one class passage to Europe and those who like more time at sea than the larger, express-type of liners provide.

While they can't offer the same degree of luxury as the Manhattan or Washington, these ships have every facility for ar thoroughly comfortable crossing and are noted for their completely informal atmosphere and delicious food. There's a sailing every Friday direct to London — fortnightly on Saturdays to Cobh and Liverpool — with rates as low as $105. ($110 in summer)

Passengers Headed For Cobh On Roomy Tende

At Cobh a roomy tender picks up passengers for destination in Ireland.

A Private Deck For Dogs

Even dogs have a private deck for strolls with their owners. Kennels are large a steward is in constant attendance.

Ship Passing In The Sunshine On The Horizon

Ships that pass in the sunshine are a lot more interesting — at least from the cameraman's point of view.

Charting The Daily Position Of The Ship

There's a Big Chart in one of the lounges of each liner where the daily position of he ship is posted each noon. If this fellow's reading can be trusted, it's only the second day out.

Visitors Depart Just Before Sailing

"All visitors ashore" comes the inevitable announcement. Just time enough to tell those sailing not to forget to write.

Map Of USL Services In Europe


1 Broadway, New York

BALTIMORE 313 North Charles Street
BOSTON 563 Boylston St. Back Bay P.O.
CHICAGO 216 North Michigan Ave.
CLEVELAND 1418 Euclid Avenue
DALLAS Cotton Exchange Bldg.
DETROIT 1255 Washington Blvd.
HALIFAX 51 Upper Water Street
HAVANA 75 Obispo Street
LOS ANGELES 715 West 7th Street
MEMPHIS P.O. Box No. 3
MONTREAL Suite 15 Dominion Sq. Bldg. Cor. St. Catherine & Peel Sts.
NORFOLK 200-202 East Main Street
PHILADELPHIA 1620 Walnut Street
PITTSBURGH 527 Union Trust Bldg.
ST. LOUIS 411 No. 7th Street
SAN FRANCISCO 665 Market Street
SEATTLE Third and Union Sts.
TORONTO 19 King Street East
WASHINGTON 743 - 14th St., N. W.
MEXICO, D. F. Ave. Madero 14

Brochure Courtesy of Pat Tiffany 2012

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