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Atlanta, Georgia USA

Passenger Activities On Board USL Ocean Liners

See passengers engage in a number of activities and events on board the ocean liners of the United States Lines. From dancing to relaxing on the promenade in a deck chair to playing a game of deck tennis. It's all here.

Passengers Relax On Comfortable Deck Chairs

Forty winks before dinner. . And a comfortable deck chair certainly is "tops" for this purpose.

A Porthole Portrait

A Porthole Portrait to send back to the crowd at home. (And it gives us the opportunity to point out the size of the portholes,which are really unusually large.)

Friendly Game Of Deck Tennis

What a setting for a game of deck tennis. Two full- sized courts provide ampe room. And there are plenty of seats for those who just like to be in the sun.

Deck Golf Is Popula

Deck golf is becoming increasingly popular—especially with real followers of the game who don't want to lose their touch.

Passengers Dancing At The Verandah Cafe

There's a good dance floor in the Verandah Café — and a top-notch American orchestra that will gladly play any tune you request. That's a combination which just makes you want to dance.

Deck Tennis QuoitIs Great Sport

Substituting a medicine ball in place of the light deck tennis quoit is great sport if you survive. It looks like a game for he-men only.

Morning Bouillon On Deck

Morning bouillon on deck tides over sea-going appetites until lunch.

Passengers Have Their Photo Taken On The Manhattan

Each voyage the life preservers work overtime as picture frames.

Courtis And Rebecca Rea Stroll The Promenade

Mr.and Mrs.Court D. Res enjoy an afternoon stroll on one of the broad and airy promenade decks of the Washington.

Looking Aft From The Boat Deck On The Manhattan

Looking "aft" from the boat deck onto the broad and sunny game and recreation deck for which the Manhattan and Washington are especially noted.

Bellboy Delivers Bon Voyage Gift

The bellboy has just delivered a bon voyage gift. And if the person who sent the flowers could see this picture, he'd certainly feel amply repaid.

Childrens Gala Party Onboard USL Line

Children aren't overlooked when gala parties are planned. Decoration, favors, as much ice cream and cake as parents will allow.And a table all to themselves.

Morning Swim On The Manhattan And Washington

Morning dip. The pools on the Manhattan and Washington are not only huge and handsomely tiled throughout, but conveniently located right next to the gymnasiums.

Dining Room On The Manhattan

A corner of the beautiful, air-conditioned dining room on the Manhattan. We should talk here about the grand food on these ships, but once having tasted it we don't think you have to be told.

Mr And Mrs William Duncan Relax On Deck Chairs

"This is the life," anyone will agree. Mr. and Mrs. William Duncan bask in the sunshine on one of the open decks.

Shuffleboard On The Sports Deck

Shuffleboard on the Washington's sunny sports deck. For people who like to walk, it's only eight laps to a mile and this picture just about proves it.

Brochure Courtesy of Pat Tiffany 2012

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