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Scenes from the Voyages of United States Lines

Below are photographs taken from the ocean liners of the United States Lines showing views of the harbors, sea and activities nearing the ports of call.

View Of The SS Washington On Sailing Day

Here's an interesting "shot" of the Washington taken on Sailing Day. Those puffs of white by the forward funnel are the blasts of the whistle as the huge ship backs from her pier, her band playing gaily, and her rails lined with voyagers waving last "au revoirs" to their friends on shore.

The Washington and her sistership, the Manhattan, are the largest and fastest vessels flying the American flag. Their graceful lines and trim proportions have earned for them recognition as two of the most beautiful vessels afloat.

Farewell New York - Manhattan Skyline

So long, "New York." Out on deck to see the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan's skyline rapidly disappearing in the distance, as the ship steams down the Bay.

View Of Roches Point Light - Cobh

First view of the Old World . . . Roches Point Light and the green rolling hills surrounding Cobh's beautiful and spacious harbor.

Pilot Is Taken Back To Station Ship At Sandy Hook

At Sandy Hook the pilot is dropped and rowed back to his station ship on this tiny boat. He takes a bag of last minute letters. Next stop ... Ireland.

A View From A Sunny Upper Deck

"Beyond the Blue Horizon" lies Europe. A view from the sunny upper deck, 72 feet above the water line.

Brochure Courtesy of Pat Tiffany 2012

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