Staff Members of the United States Lines

Life on board an Ocean Liner of the United States Lines shown in these photographs taken on the SS Washington and SS Manhattan including a photo of Commodore Albert J. Randall of the Manhattan.

Sailors on the SS Washington

Photo 02-01 "Yo-heave-Ho" is not an outmoded expression,even on modern ships, when awnings are spread. Sailors on the SS Washington Spread Awnings on the Deck.

Engine Room Of The Manhattan

Photo 02-02 The engine room of the Manhattan — shining and spotless.

All Hands On Deck - Warping A Ship Into Dock

Photo 02-03 "All hands on deck." The thousand and one details of "warping" a ship into dock requires speed, skill and teamwork.

Shining Shoes Left Outside The Stateroom Door

"Boots" works while you sleep. That's why shoes left outside your cabin door turn spic and span by morning.

Commodore Albert J Randall Of The Manhattan

Commodore Albert J. Randall of the Manhattan needs no introduction to the thousands who have sailed with him throughout his long and brilliant career as commander of America's finest vessels.

Tea Wagon Brings Afternoon Refreshments

The tea wagon's all set to bring afternoon refreshments right to your deck chair.

Captain Giles Stedman Of The Washington

Captain Giles Stedman of the Washing. ton is known not only as an unusually capable "skipper"—but as a gracious and thoughtful "host" to his passengers.


On the bridge. Although a quartermaster stands constant"watch,"there's a mechanism that automatically keeps the ship to its course.

Bell Boys Operating The Elevators

Bell boys operate the elevators, others are on watch, in the public rooms, companion ways, and even on deck, ready to serve you.

White Coated Stewards At Southampton Pier

The pier at Southampton. The small army of white-coated men are the ship's stewards putting luggage on board, to be delivered direct to your stateroom.

Relieving The Lookout In The Crows Nest

Above. Relieving the lookout in the lofty "crow's nest." Every two hours -- both day and night.

Brochure courtesy of Pat Taffany 2012

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