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The Steamship LEVIATHAN of the United States Lines - 1923 Brochure

Managing operators for the U.S. SHIPPING BOARD

This 1923 Brochure captures the grand elegance and beauty of the World's Largest Steamship - the SS Leviathan of the United States Lines. The large photographs will allow you to envision the incredible luxury found on this very popular ocean liner.

To keep page size reasonable, we have arbitrarily divided the brochure into six sections:

Front Cover of the 1923 Brochure - The Steamship Leviathan


  1. Section One - Troup Transport to Luxury Liner
    1. World War One Troop Transport
    2. The Largest Ship in the World - Introduction
    3. The Lobby to the Main Saloon on "B" Deck
    4. View of the Lobby on "B" Deck
    5. The Main Dining Saloon
  2. Section Two - Views and Information on the Ritz-Carlton Room, Library and Winter Garden
    1. The Ritz-Carlton Restaurant
    2. The Ritz-Carlton Room
    3. The Library
    4. The Winter Garden
    5. A corner of the Winter Garden
  3. Section Three - The Social Hall, Tea Room and Smoking Room
    1. The Social Hall
    2. A corner of the Social Hall
    3. Leviathan's charming Tea-Room
    4. Smoking Room showing the fireplace
    5. A painting of the great Leviathan
    6. A corner of the Smoking Room
  4. Section Four - First Class Staterooms and Suites, Sitting Room and Breakfast Room
    1. Multiple views of the Staterooms and Suites
    2. Sitting Room
    3. Breakfast Room
  5. Section Five - Scenes of Staterooms and Suites of the First Class Passengers
    1. Typical stateroom with fireplace
    2. Bedroom of a suite
    3. A stateroom with bath adjoining
    4. Sitting / Makeup Room
    5. A typical stateroom with bath
  6. Section Six - Views of Second Class; Facts about the Leviathan and Other Ships
    1. Second Class Social Hall
    2. Second Class Lobby
    3. Facts and Information on the Leviathan
    4. Other Ships of the United States Lines

Brochure Information

  • Date of Publication: Undated but belived to be 1923
  • Number of Pages: 32 (Paginated)
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 26.4 cm


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