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Third Class Accommodations on Steamships of the United States Lines (1920s)

The ships included in this brochure include the great Leviathan, the largest liner in the world; the popular George Washington; the America, largest "cabin" ship in the world; the famous "President" ships, President Harding and President Roosevelt, and the newly reconditioned Republic.

Third Class Passage to
The Steamships
managing operators for

The S. S. Leviathan.

The S. S. Leviathan.

THIRD CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS on the ships of the United States Lines are unexcelled on any vessels that sail the seas and are actually more luxurious than the average second class of a few years ago. A constantly increasing number of people are learning that third class passage to Europe means merely a more economical trip with the best of food and scrupulously clean staterooms.

From New York to Cobh (Queenstown), Plymouth, Cherbourg, Southampton and Bremen — ports which give third class travelers direct and convenient connections to all parts of Europe—the ships of the United States Lines offer unsurpassed accommodations.

The ships are the great Leviathan, the largest liner in the world; the popular George Washington; the America, largest "cabin" ship in the world; the famous "President" ships, President Harding and President Roosevelt, and the newly reconditioned Republic.

S. S. Leviathan—Dining Saloon—Third Class

Photo 01: S. S. Leviathan—Dining Saloon—Third Class

Courteous stewards provide the most efficient service, experienced chefs prepare food which is abundant and served in great variety. Sleeping quarters are modern, private, clean and airy. Ample deck space is provided on all ships. In fact, third class to Europe on the United States Lines ships offers an ideal way to travel at the very lowest rates. The photographs in this booklet can give only an indication of the excellence of third class accommodations.

S. S. Leviathan—Dining Saloon—Third Class

Photo 02: S. S. Leviathan - A Small Family Table, Third Class

S. S. America—Dining Saloon—Third Class

Photo 03: S. S. America—Dining Saloon—Third Class

S. S. President Harding — One of the Small Private Tables — Third Class

Photo 04: S. S. President Harding — One of the Small Private Tables — Third Class

DINING ROOMS, Third Class, are large and tasteful in appointments. There are several small tables accommodating six persons for those who prefer them, and also larger tables. The cuisine is excellent, and of a variety not to be surpassed by that of many first-class restaurants on shore. There is an abundance of sunshine and air and an atmosphere of perfect comfort, cleanliness and service. There is no crowding and the food is served in the same manner as in a better-class restaurant.

S. S. George Washington—Dining Saloon—Third Class

Photo 05: S. S. George Washington—Dining Saloon—Third Class

Everything is carried out in the modern American manner from the snowy table cloths and plenteous course dinners to the seating of people at tables with friends or congenial fellow travelers. These dining rooms are examples of democratic American ideas and standards of living, as are all the rooms on these ships. And the steward service here, perhaps as much as the food and surroundings, will impress you with the quality of all details on the U. S. Government ships of the United States Lines.

But after all, the food is the important thing. The modern magic of refrigeration makes it possible to supply Third Class passengers with fresh butter, fresh vegetables and eggs, fresh meat and milk every day of the voyage. Great batteries of ovens of the most improved modern type prepare all food in the most sanitary manner possible.

S. S. Leviathan—Ladies' Lounge—Third Class

Photo 06: S. S. Leviathan—Ladies' Lounge—Third Class

RECREATION ROOMS—The new American attitude toward Third Class .passengers is immediately recognizable in the recreation rooms on the vessels of the United States Lines.
On all of these ships the ladies' lounge is a most delightful room. In these sunny, tasteful, spacious, comfortable rooms one may while away many pleasant hours.

Everything is planned to create an atmosphere of ease and refinement for people who are accustomed to the best of everything. The big room on the Leviathan pictured above spreads out at the head of the companionway and looks out through broad windows upon the promenade deck and the open sea. Up-to-date newspapers, magazines and books may be obtained from the steward, who is in constant attendance. Tea is served here in the afternoon and sandwiches at night, and refreshments are obtainable at any hour. Writing facilities are available. A phonograph with the latest records is provided.

The Third Cabin Lounge of the S. S. America showil below carries out the American idea in quite as luxuri-: ous a fashion as on the great Leviathan. There is adequate floor room for dancing and an excellent piano is provided, both for this purpose and for the amusement of the passengers. Daily concerts are given by the ship's orchestra. The amateur theatricals and concerts given by the passengers themselves are also staged here.

During the day it is a quiet place for rest and repose, writing letters or reading your choice of books from the excellent library. As the photograph below indicates there are broad windows instead of portholes looking out on the main promenade deck of the great ship. Pleasant, eventful days are in store for anyone who decides to take the economical way to Europe. Third Cabin on any of the United States Lines' ships provides the maximum of comfort and service at the lowest possible cost.

S. S. America—Lounge—Third Class

Photo 07: S. S. America—Lounge—Third Class

S. S. President Harding—Smoking Room—Third Class

Photo 08: S. S. President Harding—Smoking Room—Third Class

THE SMOKING ROOMS provide an ideal place for men to get together and tell stories and play cards. It is a cheerful gathering place where friendships are made. The soft, deep chairs Sand the mellow haze of smoke give it the atmosphere of a club room. The spirit of good fellowship predominates here. Liquid refreshments and smokers' supplies may be bought at a minimum cost. A steward is in attendance.

One corner of the smoking room on each ship is partitioned off by glasi in sound-proof manner. This offers a quiet retreat where you can write your letters without being disturbed.
No matter how accustomed to luxury you may be the solid, spacious comfort of the Smoking Rooms and Social Halls will gratify your sense of fitness. A splendid ship orchestra gives regular concerts for Third Class passengers.

S. S. Leviathan—Barber Shop—Third Class

Photo 09: S. S. Leviathan—Barber Shop—Third Class

THE BARBER SHOP—For Third Class to have a modern and complete barber shop is something unique in the annals of European travel. It makes you realize the amazing completeness of third class accommodations on U. S. Lines ships. An expert barber is in attendance. A fascinating array of souvenirs is also obtainable here.

This photograph of the Leviathan's smoking room here shows the special convenience of the glass partitioned writing room.

S. S. Leviathan — Corner of the Smoking Room — Third Class

Photo 10: S. S. Leviathan — Corner of the Smoking Room — Third Class

S. S. Leviathan—After Covered Deck—Third Class

Photo 11: S. S. Leviathan—After Covered Deck—Third Class

DECK SPACE. The great amount of deck space for Third Class passengers was a thing unheard of a few years ago. On fine days, every one lives out of doors, loafing about on deck, "hiking" on the promenade or playing games on the sunny open areas provided for deck sports.

Passengers have the run of very spacious decks, where there is ample room for deck sports, dances and promenades. Special "Field Days" of sports, in which every one can join, feature every voyage, and all kinds of apparatus are provided free of charge for the enjoyment of Third Class Passengers.

The usual conception of Third Class is of cramped quarters, little light and no deck space, far down in the ship. On United States Lines ships Third Class is situated on the upper decks of the ships with sunny, roomy social rooms and quarters and the kind of deck space illustrated in these photographs.

S. S. Leviathan—Spacious Upper Deck—Third Class

Photo 12: S. S. Leviathan—Spacious Upper Deck—Third Class

S. S. George Washington—A Deck View—Third Class

Photo 13: S. S. George Washington—A Deck View—Third Class

Two-Berth Stateroom, S. S. Leviathan—Third Class

Photo 14: Two-Berth Stateroom, S. S. Leviathan—Third Class

THE STATEROOMS.—One must immediately dispense with the idea that these are "steerage accommodations." Staterooms are private, roomy, snowy-white, spotlessly clean and comfortable, without the slightest crowding.

There are two-berth staterooms for persons traveling alone or in couples. There are four- and six-berth staterooms for families, Everything is taken care of like a great hotel. There is a perfect organization to serve you and all your needs.

S. S. President Harding State Room Third Class

Photo 15: S. S. President Harding State Room Third Class

All Third Class staterooms on United States Lines vessels are exceptionally well ventilated and have plenty of light and air. Snowy sheets and pillow cases are kept constantly laundered and plenty of downy blankets are provided. Many staterooms are outside and provided with large port holes well above the water line. Everything in Third Class staterooms, as well as on the entire ship, is kept as sanitary as only American scientific methods can make them.

BATH ROOMS.—Both women's and men's bath rooms are supplied with every convenience and are strictly private. They are complete and refreshingly sanitary in every detail, with tubs and showers and, of course, there is always a large supply of freshly laundered towels. There is a steward for each of the men's baths and stewardess for each of the ladies' baths to attend to every need.

SS George Washington and SS Republic

Steamship George Washington
Next to the Leviathan, the largest liner under the American Flag

Steamship Republic
("Cabin" Ship)—Just reconditioned and placed in the European service; 18,400 tons, gross

SS President Harding and SS President Roosevelt; SS America

Steamships President Harding and President Roosevelt
The famous "535's"; American built

Steamship America
The largest "Cabin" Ship in the world


ATLANTA United States Lines Healy Building
BOSTON United States Lines 75 State Street
CHICAGO United States Lines 110 So. Dearborn Street
CLEVELAND United States Lines Hotel Cleveland Building
DETROIT United States Lines 1514 Washington Blvd.
PHILADELPHIA United States Lines 1431 Walmit Street
PITTSBURGH United States Lines Jenkins Arcade
PORTLAND, Me. United States Lines 404 Congress Street
SAN FRANCISCO United States Lines 258 Montgomery Street
SEATTLE United States Lines 919 Second Avenue
ST. LOUIS United States Lines City Club Building
TORONTO, Canada United States Lines 79 Queen Street, West
WASHINGTON, D. C United States Lines 1419 G Street, N. W.
MEXICO CITY, Mexico N. Y. and Cuba Mail S. S. Co..
Chico de Mayo 16
N. Y. and Cuba Mail S. S. Co.,
Paseo de Marti 118


AMSTERDAM Wm. H. Mueller & Co Heereng-racht 546
BARCELONA United States Lines Plaza Antonio Lopez 16
BELGRADE United States Lines, Palata Beogradske
Zadruje Travnicka Mica 1
BERLIN United States Lines Invalidenstr. 93
BERGEN Olaf Vedeler 91 Strandgaten
BOULOGNE, S. M. Guilleaume Huret , 42 Rue des Ecoles
BREMEN United States Lines Pelzerstr. 36
BRESLATJ United States Lines....Neue Schweidnitzerstr. 6
BRUSSELS Franco Belgique Tours 5 Place Brouckere
BUCHAREST United States Lines Calea Mosilor 61
BUDAPEST -I United States Lines....Baross-Ter., No. 3. S. S.
CHERBOURG United States Lines 48 Rue de la Cayenne
CHRISTIANIA E. Angell Bordevick Karl Johansgade 7
COBLENCE United States Lines......Hotel Traube, Rheinstr.
COLOGNE Reisebuero Domkloster 1
COPENHAGEN Ove Haugsted St. Annaeplads 10
DANZIG United States Lines 13 Dominikswall
DRESDEN Reisebuero Pragerstrasse 49
ESSEN a. d. Ruhr Reisebuero Huyssenallee 00
FRANKFORT a.M Reisebuero Kaiserstrasse 76 & 17
GOTHENBURG United States Lines 45 Sodra Hamngaten
HAMBURG Reisebuero Bergstrasse 9
HANOVER Reisebuero Georgstrasse 39
HELSINGFORS Finska Angfartygs Aktiebolaget
KOWNO United States Lines Laisves Aleja 9
LEIPSIC Reisebuero Postetrasse 1
LONDON United States Lines, Cable Adr. "Seaport"
. 3 Cockspur Street, S. W. 1
Reisebuero ' Hansal.aus D. 1, Nr. 7/8
Georges Lousquet 5 Place de Change
Reisebuero Briennerstr. 8
"Nave" Navigazione a Vapore ed a Vola,
88 Via Dewetis, Casella Postale 503
PARIS U. S. Lines, Cable Adr. "Seapostes," 1 Rue Auber
PLYMOUTH Orlando, Davis & Co 36 Southside Street
PRAGUE United States Lines ' Na Prikope 19
QUEENSTOWN United States Lines The Beach
RIGA Baltischer Lloyd Kaufstr. 22
ROME F. Moroli & Co 77-78 Via del Tritons
SOFIA Bulgarische Union Bank
SOUTHAMPTON United States Lines 3/4 Canute Road
STAVANGER Fred Wattne, Ltd Strangade 51
STUTTGART Reisebuero Koenigstr. 15
TRONDHJEM Bernhardt Brekke Olaf Trygveson's Gate 1
VIENNA U. S. Lines, Wiedner Gtirtel, 13 Grand Hotel
WARSAW United States Lines Senatorska 28/30
ZAGREB United States Lines Mihanoviceva ul. 2
ZURICH Meiss & Co. A. G Bahnhofstrasse 40
Managing Operators for

PRINTED IN U. S. A., U. S., 11A-8-3

1920s USL Third Class To Europe Interiors Brochure

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