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Vintage Brochure - Passenger Service To and From Northern Europe - (1920s)

This 16-page brochure from Scandinavian-American Line is devoted to thier cabin service to and from Northern Europe. It contains information for passengers about their fleet and cabin accommodation. Second half of brochure (not uploaded) consists of two pages about the Countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (Scandinavia), and Continental Tours from Copenhagen.

United Steamship Company of Copenhagen


Founded 1880

Royal Scandinavian and United States Mail Service


Direct Passenger Service Between


Frequent Service to and from Canada

  • Four Fast, Modern, Twin-Screw Passenger Steamers
  • Regular Direct Communication between NORWAY and DENMARK with quick connections to and from SWEDEN, FINLAND, CERMANY, POLAND and other BALTIC COUNTRIES
  • Through Bookings to and from All Principal Cities of Northern and Central Europe

Illustration of the Steamship Frederik VIII

Illustration of the Steamship Frederik VIII

Our Fleet of Steamships

SS Frederik VIII at full steam

No more popular passenger steamers sail the broad Atlantic than the splendid, modern twin-screw steamers of the Scandinavian-American Line maintaining a regular direct service between New York and Scandinavian ports.

"OSCAR II" "HELLIG OLAV" "UNITED STATES" each 515 feet long, 58 feet wide, 42 feet from keel to upper deck, built at the famous shipyards of Alexander Stephen & Sons, on the Clyde, and"FREDERIK VIII" 542 feet long, 62 feet wide, 42 feet from keel to upper deck, and built by the equally renowned Vulcan Ship Building Co. at Stettin.

SS United States of the Scandinavian-American Line SS Hellig Olav of the Scandinavian-American Line
SS United States of the Scandinavian-American Line SS Hellig Olav of the Scandinavian-American Line

Designed and built expressly for the Scandinavian-American Line, these twin-screw steamers, constructed of steel throughout, are equipped with double cellular bottoms, watertight compartments and bilge keels to insure maximum steadiness at sea. Gyroscope compass, wireless, and every known contrivance for safety, speed and comfort, are equipment features.

The SS Oscar II of the Scandinavian-American Line

The SS Oscar II of the Scandinavian-American Line

By any of these steamers, passengers can reach the Scandinavian countries and neighboring Baltic ports with unexcelled ease and convenience.

To Northern Europe by the Scandinavian-American Line

The Trip of Trips

In all the world, there are no lands like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The lands of charm, romance, and tradition; of hospitality; of scenic grandeur; of sports and pastimes of the great outdoors. To the traveler seeking an ideal vacation realm; to the seeker after health and vigor; to the lover of the picturesque; to the hunter and fisherman—to all of you, these beautiful countries of the North extend a hearty invitation.

And with the countless thousands who each year cross the Atlantic, the Scandinavian-American Line continues to grow in favor. Travelers select the steamers of this line because of their extreme steadiness, their comfortable accommodations and their high standard of service. And the route of this line grows in popularity as a preferable way to travel from New York to Europe.

Time of Voyage

The voyage occupies about 9 1/2, days, except on the steamer "Frederik VIII" which takes only 8 days, and it offers an attractive, quick, and comfortable way to travel, whether the ultimate destination be in Scandinavia or one of the adjacent continental countries.

Route and Passage

Scandinavian-American Line steamers sail from the Company's dock New York Harbor. (See Canadian agents for sailings from Canada.) The route takes the ships north of Scotland to CHRISTIANSAND, Norway, the first port of call. Then up the beautiful Oslo Fjord to OSLO, where sufficient time is allowed' to permit of short visits to the Norwegian Capital and it's environs.

Ladies Room, Second Cabin

Ladies Room, Second Cabin

(Tourists going to the North Cape to see the Midnight Sun, or to make the Fjord cruises, may stop over to see Southern Norway before proceeding.

Passengers booked to Bergen receive free transportation from Oslo, via the world-famed scenic Oslo-Bergen Highland Railway.

Fast and comfortable trips can be made from Oslo by railway to Gothenburg, Stockholm, and by steamer from Stockholm to Finnish points.)

And finally, our steamers make an overnight run from Oslo to COPENHAGEN, Denmark. This home port is the ideal connection for the principal cities of Europe, and particularly those in Germany, Poland and other Baltic countries.

For the sightseer on pleasure bent, and for the traveler who desires a combination of restful ease and rare enjoyment in his traveling, the facilities and superiority of this route are many, and time proven.



New York - Christiansand, Oslo, Copenhagen


THE photographs reproduced on these pages show the difficulty of conceiving more perfect accommodations than those provided on our ships.

Ladies Room, First Cabin

Ladies Room, First Cabin

"Frederik VIII" has First and Second Cabin Staterooms besides the unsurpassed Third Class. The First Cabin Staterooms (for one, two, three or four passengers) are situated amid-ship on the four upper decks, and there are also two attractive suites of sitting room, bedroom and bath.

The white and gold dining room, the charming music hall, ladies' saloon, library and writing room, a delightful veranda cafe, a dainty children's dining and play room, broad deck spaces for recreation and play, also a dark room for amateur photographers, round out the first cabin attractiveness of this popular ship.

The Second Cabin Staterooms (for two, three or four passengers) are pleasantly located on the upper and saloon decks, the ladies' saloons, writing rooms, lounges, smoking rooms, etc., being furnished in excellent taste.

Lobby, First Cabin - Frederik VIII

Lobby, First Cabin - Frederik VIII

"Oscar II," "United States," and "Hellig Olav" have a One-Cabin Service in addition to the excellent Third Class. Each steamer has an attractive chambre-de-luxe on the promenade deck; staterooms of liberal size and well ventilated; two large cabin dining rooms, two attractive smoking rooms; charming and restful ladies' saloons, and a children's playroom equipped with miniature furniture and fittings.

A two berth, cabin stateroom on "Hellig Olav" and "United States"

A two berth, cabin stateroom on "Hellig Olav" and "United States"

Big roomy decks afford space for casual strolls, and for dancing to the music of an orchestra whose daily concerts are a delightful attraction.

The wireless telegraph service to all parts of the world makes possible a regularly published newspaper of the world's news, to supplement the ships' libraries.

Each steamer carries a physician and trained nurse; and the photographers' dark room, barber shops, and numerous baths, are but a few of the conveniences provided.

The choicest delicacies and staple foods, from the markets of Europe and America, prepared by skilled chefs, afford a cuisine unexcelled by even the finest hotels.

This result of forty years' experience in culinary service is the pride of the Scandinavian-American Line.

The Ships' Officers are experienced men, whose rare qualities as gentlemen and skilled navigators have done so much to win the friendship and confidence of many hundred thousands of travelers on our ships.

The Chief Steward's forces are schooled in courtesy, politeness, and the immaculate cleanliness that constitute our ideal of service. A trip on our steamers will give you a new conception of service—where the willingness and the ability to do are consummated in actual doing.

Smoking Room, First Cabin

Smoking Room, First Cabin

This smoking room so conveniently located on the Upper Promenade Deck, is a favorite rendezvous throughout the voyage. Finished artistically in mahogany with paneling of root veneer and containing an inviting fireplace, the decorative scheme reflects the period of King Frederik the Sixth of Denmark. A number of fine oil paintings lend additional distinction to the general atmosphere of comfort and ease.

Dining Dining Saloon, First Cabin

Dining Dining Saloon, First Cabin

The white and gold dining room on "Frederik VIII" is a beautiful proportioned room surmounted by a great dome, occupying the full birch in the modern baroque style, distinctive in design width of the ship. It is furnished in warm golden and decoration.

The dining rooms on the "United States," "Hellig Olav" and "Oscar II" are similar I magnificent saloons with striking artistic walls of polished oak. The general quality of elegance and the dainty table furnishings and porcelain combine to produce dining rooms of unusual attractiveness and beauty.

Music Hall, First Cabin

Music Hall, First Cabin

HE general design of this Music Hall is that of the Louis XVI period. Finished in American Cherry, with a concert grand piano and furniture of the same wood. The walls are paneled with charming scenes of Danish life, done in oil by famous artists.

This same Louis XVI treatment is carried out in the Ladies Saloon, finished in Jamaica rosewood, and in the Library and Writing Room, which is in polished mahogany. Music Hall, First Cabin


Private Suite Sitting Room, Frederik VIII

Private Suite Sitting Room, Frederik VIII

On the left, is shown, with the at the right.

Chambre-de-luxe on "Oscar II" four berth room - second cabin stateroom on "Frederik VIII."
Chambre-de-luxe on "Oscar II" The four berth room above is a second cabin stateroom on "Frederik VIII."

Information on Brochure

  • Date of Publication: Undated, believed to be mid-1920s
  • Published by:Scandinavian-American Line, New York Agency Passenger Department
  • Total Printed Pages: Unpaginated - 16 Pages - Outer Cover designed to be folded in half.
  • Omitted from uploaded version: Information on tours to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. - 8 pages total
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