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Vintage Brochure - Scandinavian American Line - 1917

1917 Brochure covers History, Fleet, Accommodations (First, Second and Third Class), Connections at Ports, Information on Scandinavia and Offices and Agencies.

United Steamship Company of Copenhagen

Scandinavian-American Line

Royal Scandinavian and United States Mail Service

Regular Direct Communication between New York and Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Table of Contents

1917 Brochure from the Scandinavian American Line
  1. History of the Scandinavian American Line
  2. Passenger Fleet, General Features and Personnel
  3. First Cabin Accommodations
  4. Second Cabin Accommodations
  5. Third Class Accommodations
  6. Connections at Various Ports to Cities in Europe
  7. The Transatlantic Route, Passage and Pier Information
  8. Information on Scandinavia
  9. Scandianavian American Line Offices and Agencies



Brochure Information:

  • Title: Scandinavian-American Line: Regular Direct Communication Between New York and Norway, Sweden and Denmark
  • Printed By: Hanff-Metzger, Inc., New York City
  • Date of Publication: Undated circa 1917
  • Number of Pages: 47
  • Number of Photographs: 58 Photos are of ships, on-board activities, interiors, passengers, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Vignette map of Northern Europe on title page and top of pages illustrated with steamships.
  • Number of Illustrations 2+ Top Border on Each Page
  • Dimensions: 12.9 x 19 cm


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