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Vintage Brochure - Third Class Accommodations - Scandinavian American Line - 1917


We believe the third class accommodations of the Scandinavian-American Line are unsurpassed. There is 310 steerage. Passengers in this class are assured of exceptional facilities.

Third Class Promenade Deck, S.S. Oscar II

Third Class Promenade Deck, S.S. Oscar II

The third class staterooms—all of which are spacious, and well ventilated—are comfortably furnished with iron beds, springs, mattresses, sheets, pillows and woolen blankets, wash-stands, mirrors, towels, soap and water. Supplied with fresh drinking water. Kept in order by stewards and stewardesses. They accommodate two, four and six passengers, this arrangement enabling whole families to keep together.

Meals are served by uniformed waiters in clean dining rooms at tables set with clean linen and porcelain tableware; and the food is of good quality cooked in the palatable Scandinavian style, and served plentifully and with wide variety in the menus.

Ample deck space for open air promenading and exercise is reserved for the third class passengers.

Ladies' saloon, well furnished; comfortable smoking rooms; barber shops and many baths are a few of the conveniences furnished to those traveling in this class. The services of physician and nurse, and the facilities of a well-equipped hospital and dispensary are at the service of passengers.

The same standards of courtesy and cleanliness that make travelling in the first and second cabins of this line such a delight will be found in this class, too. Women and children travelling alone are in the care of a special matron and stewardesses.

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