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Vintage Brochure - Scandinavia - Norway, Sweden and Denmark - 1917


Norway, Sweden and Denmark—the lands of charm and romance and tradition, of hospitality, of scenic grandeur, of sports and pastimes of the great outdoors.

And for the travelers seeking the ideal vacation lands—new sights, new sensations, new people, new customs — for the seekers after health and vigor, for the hunter and fisherman—for the lover of the picturesque — for those with the wanderlust in their veins, these beautiful countries of the north extend you a hearty invitation to come to Scandinavia.

Kalmar Castle, Sweden 35


Royal Palace, Christiania, Norway

Royal Palace, Christiania, Norway

The Land of the Midnight Sun—a veritable wonderland of the giants, with its mountains towering in eternal snows, its glaciers ages old, its swirling cataracts and thundering waterfalls—with its magnificent forests of pine and birch abounding in game of infinite variety; its rivers and other streams — the fisherman's paradise; with its Fjords, those arms of the sea extending inland for many miles 'mongst towering cliffs, kept smooth for sailing by protecting archipelagos of rocky isles.

The land of a people famed for true hospitality — the land of excellent transportation and good hotels. Norway is rich in everything that makes touring worth while and so accessible that touring becomes a succession of pleasant comfortable days, and nights of sound, dreamless slumber.


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

A land of fascination, with its varied landscapes and beautiful lakes — where one may sail on the Göta Canal from Gothenburg to Stockholm on the Baltic through a region luxuriant in scenic beauty — its provinces where the peasants still wear the quaint and picturesque garb of ancient days. A delightful vacation land, filled with historical castles and interesting ruins and charming cities. Stockholm, the beautiful capital, is built on a hundred odd small islands and abounds in interesting things for the sightseer—castles and churches and museums.

If you have never been to Sweden and you want to go where things and people and places are different, come to this sturdy land.



Kronborg Castle, Elsinore, Denmark

Kronborg Castle, Elsinore, Denmark

So many and so varied are the attractions of this little kingdom for the tourist or even casual visitor, that Denmark is deservedly considered one of the countries that must be included in any real trip abroad. A country rich in pastoral beauty, with magnificent forests of beech, with placid lakes and moorlands of blooming heather, Denmark is particularly interesting in its wonderful castles.

Among the more notable of these are Kronborg at Elsinore (where the ghost of Hamlet's father stalked abroad) ; Frederiksborg at Hilleröd; Rosenborg and Amalienborg at Copenhagen. Denmark is likewise notable for its many fine seaside hotels and bathing beaches. The capital, Copenhagen, the largest city in Northern Europe, is renowned for its beautiful Parks, its Museums (Thorvalden's), Art Galleries and its many interesting public buildings, a notable example being the Town Hall. Copenhagen also has the distinction of possessing the finest amusement park of its kind in the world in the famous "Tivoli."

Town Hall - Copenhagen

Town Hall and Square, Copenhagen, Denmark

From the standpoint of attraction and interest the Scandinavian countries offer much to the visitor. For the sightseer on pleasure bent, or for the traveller of experience, crossing the seas of necessity, and who seeks in his travelling a combination of comfort, convenience and charm, the facilities and superiority of this route are many and time-proven. And among the countless thousands who each year cross the broad Atlantic, the Scandinavian-American Line occupies an unique position. Each season of each year the steamers of this line grow in popular favor as a most satisfactory way to go from New York to Europe—whether the destination be in Scandinavia itself or one of the many countries adjacent.


Copenhagen, the home port of this line, occupies a geographical position unexcelled by any European city, to whose docks other Atlantic lines tie-up their steamships and land their passengers. And by reason of this exceptionally favorable location, it affords the travellers the ideal connection route with principal cities of most of the European countries, particularly those in Germany, Austria, and the southern countries of the continent. And in addition, it connects best with the Russian cities—with Petrograd, Moscow, and Warsaw.

And for the tourists who perhaps had overlooked the opportunity to visit the Scandinavian countries, on account of having considered only their destination on the continent, the service of the Scandinavian-American Line enables one to follow any European itinerary, and yet take in these wonder countries of the north, and without any loss of time, or appreciable prolonging of the scheduled trip.

Amalienborg Palace, Royal Residence, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amalienborg Palace, Royal Residence, Copenhagen, Denmark

A glance at the page in this book, giving the average times between Copenhagen and the principal continental cities, compared with the table showing the elapsed time between Havre, Cherbourg, Paris and Rotterdam—which are the principal connecting points for some lines—with these same cities, shows a wide difference in travelling time, greatly in favor of the trip that starts at Copenhagen.

In other words, the most enjoyable part of your trip, that on the seas, is prolonged a day or so more by the Scandinavian-American Line route, but the rail travel to the various centers of Europe is much less. In brief, you can start from Copenhagen, at any time, to any place in Europe, and reach it practically as quickly as you could if you started your land travel from France or Holland. And besides, you have a finer trip, a more unusual trip, a trip at less cost, and a trip that enables you to take in that part of Europe which for pure, picturesque interest and enjoyable recreation is unexcelled anywhere else in the wide world.

And if you are not coming to Europe this season, be sure you keep this little story of the Scandinavian-American Line by you. You will want it when you do come.

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