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Vintage Brochure - Routes, Passage and Piers - Scandinavian American Line - 1917


Scandinavian-American Line steamers sail from the company's dock, foot of 17th Street, Hoboken, N. J. (New York.) The route from New York is north of Scotland and the first port of call is Christiansand, Norway, where passengers, baggage and mail are landed. Then up the beautiful Christiania Fjord to Christiania, the capital of Norway, where sufficient time is spent to permit of short visits to see the beautiful city and its environs; and where tourists going to the North Cape to see the Midnight Sun (visible from the middle of May to the end of July) or to make the Fjord cruises, may stop over to see southern Norway before proceeding.

Steamers for North Cape sail from Bergen and Trondhjem and passengers booked to Bergen can leave the Scandinavian Line Steamer at Christiania (stopover allowed) and receive free transportation to Bergen, via the famous scenic Christiania-Bergen Highland Railway. A fast and comfortable trip to the North Cape can also he made from Stockholm via the Lapland Express (the most northern railway in the world) to Narvik, and from there by steamer. From Christiania the steamers make an overnight run to Copenhagen, Denmark, the home port.

Royal Palace, Christiania, Norway 33


The voyage occupies about 9 1/2 days, except on the steamer Frederik VIII, which occupies 8 1/2 days and offers an attractive, quick and comfortable way to travel not only to the Scandinavian countries, but to all parts of Central and Eastern Europe, as well.

The New York Pier

The Steamers sail sharp on time advertised from Scandinavian-American Line dock, foot of 17th Street, Hoboken, N. J. To reach the dock from New York, take W. 23rd Street Ferry to 14th Street in Hoboken. Entrance to dock is at 14th Street. The dock can also be reached via Barclay Street or Christopher Street Ferries, or the Hudson Tunnel from the Terminal Building, corner Fulton Street and Church Street, in New York to the Lackawanna Railroad Depot in Hoboken and front there by Washington Street car to the dock entrance.


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