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Vintage Brochure - Passenger Fleet - Scandinavian- American Line - 1917

General Features and Personnel

The Passenger Fleet of the Scandinavian- American Line

Direct regular service between New York and the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, is maintained by the splendid modern twin-screw passenger steamers Oscar II, Hellig Olav, United States -- each of 10,000 tons (16,000 tons displacement) -- and Frederik VIII of 12,000 tons (18,000 tons displacement).


The Oscar II, Hellig Olav and United States Steamships of the Scandianvian American Line

The Oscar II, Hellig Olav and United States Steamships of the Scandinavian American Line

These three steamers were built at the famous shipyards of Alexander Stephen and Sons, on the Clyde, Scotland. They are of steel construction throughout, each measuring 515 feet long, 58 feet wide and 42 feet from keel to upper deck. All of them have double cellular bottoms divided into 10 watertight compartments, and in addition are again divided from bottom to deck into 10 other watertight compartments; with the added feature of bilge keels to insure maximum steadiness at sea.


Frederik VIII of the Scandinavian American Line

Frederik VIII of the Scandinavian American Line

This newest addition to the Scandinavian-American fleet which entered the service in 1914, is the largest vessel registered in the Scandinavian countries. Built by the famous Vulcan Ship Building Company at Stettin, the Frederik VIII is an all steel ship, 541 1/2 feet long, 62 feet wide, and 411/2 feet deep from upper deck to bottom. Her gross tonnage is 12,000 tons and displacement tonnage 18,000 tons.

Her twin propellers measure 17 feet 9 inches each in diameter and are driven by two four cylinder engines of 10,000 horse power. Fitted with bilge keels and with double bottoms throughout her entire length, and divided into watertight compartments by transverse bulkheads from keel to upper deck and with longitudinal bulkheads through the engine room and boiler spaces on both sides.


All the steamers of this line are equipped with every safety appliance and are furnished with life preservers and life boats far in excess of the largest number of passengers and crew carried at any time. And they are kept at the highest state of efficiency by regular thorough inspections. The S. S. Frederik VIII in addition is equipped with a motor life boat.

All the steamers of the Scandinavian-American Line are lighted throughout by electricity; and in season the staterooms and saloons are heated by steam.

Every steamer is equipped with wireless telegraphy, with double sets of operators, one of whom is always on duty. A newspaper containing the latest world news, received by Marconi wireless, is regularly published on board ship.

Well equipped libraries of books in several languages -- with a separate library for each class -- are available.

A physician and trained nurse, and a dispensary and hospital are a part of each steamer's equipment.


The navigating officers of the steamers of this line are selected men of wide experience in ocean passenger service. They combine in high degree the prime requisites of being gentlemen and skilled navigators. And through their long service under the standards of this company they have done much in winning the praise and confidence of the thousands who have crossed the Atlantic under their charge.

The chief stewards and their forces in every class, are Scandinavians, but all of them speak English fluently. And in addition to having been selected with a regard to their personal fitness for their work, they have been thoroughly schooled in the idea of service that distinguishes this line.

When you cross on a Scandinavian-American Line Steamer for the first time we are confident you will have a new conception of what real service means -- in the willingness to do, in the skill to do, and in the actual doing. Courtesy, politeness and cleanliness are predominant features of the stewards of this line.

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