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Vintage Brochure - Scandinavian America Line - Scandinavia to America 1912

The United Steamboat Company Corporation

Scandinavia-America Line

The Only Direct Mail and Passengers Steamer Connection


Scandinavia and New York

With the New, Modern and Ultimately Furnished Comfortable

Double Propeller-Express Steamers

Oscar II, Helen Olav, United States


Double Propeller Steamship C. F. Tietgen

Note: This is an electronic translation of the original brochure written in Danish. Some words and phraseology is awkward, but we hope that you get the jest of what is being said.

In the direct promotion.

Front Cover - Vintage Brochure - Skandinavian America Line - Scandinavia to America 1912

Scandinavian-American Line carriage of passengers directly from Scandinavia to New-York. This direct promotion of the Company's absolutely first-class double propeller steamer brings the passengers indisputable advantages that every additional recommendation would be superfluous, wherefore also Scandinavia-America Line enjoys the greatest confidence OEH recognition and taketh effect of these properties an absolute first rank among the Liners, which operate Ocean.

By first trip with Scandinavian-American Line comfortable steamer, escape the passengers all kinds of changes of clothes for over the move, an advantage of paramount importance and Scandinavian emigrants are all use of interpreters superfluous in all the steamer crews, staff, including the captain and officers, are Scandinavians. It is thus possible for the passengers throughout the journey to every one on board to serve himself of his mother tongue, something which every taste special degree ensures a comfortable ride over.

Scandinavian-American Line, on each steamer employed an officially authorized ship's doctor, and also a graduate and experienced nurse included. At any disease occasions school these free to leave the passengers every NECESSARY help. During the trip left at disease occasions likewise free medicine to the passengers. It should sålunde be conspicuous, that from Line page no means be saved, when it comes to ensuring out passagers welfare during the journey, something even more so be apparent by the following.

Steamship equipment and provisioning takes place under its supervision. Furthermore feel mentioned that both in Copenhagen and later on arrival at Christiania, every steamer, before his departure takes place, subject to the authorities decreed by the sight. which are carried out by addition absolutely qualified officers. It provided herein by the passengers for every travel the most appropriate guarantee from Garnes seaworthiness and material as the equipment above the head are possible to achieve.

Cross-Section Of Steamship

Cross-Section Of Steamship

Scandinavian-American Line draws attend to, to the passengers upon arrival at the New-York received by the Company who live there Scandinavian officials whose duty it is to guide the passengers and also ensure that passengers who are provided with rail ticket to the interior of America, become forwarded on to their destination.

So ahead of passengers on arrival at New-York express the desire thereof, the Scandinavian-American Line on the location of current staff remain at their disposal, if the telecom programming desired sender to relatives in America, so that those at the passengers arrival at destination may be consenting to receive them. It should Hence see that Scandinavian-American Line shows the greatest possible care to their passengers.

Map of the United States

Map of the United States (1912)

The direct route between Scandinavia and New-York star in all respects fully flush with the passage of receivables and lives of all Swedes, who intend to America, are preferred as the most comfortable. The steamer decor throughout outstanding exemplary, and this applies in full even in the case of third grade. The solid and excellent Scandinavian diet, concerning which the following excerpt of the menu gives testimony, causes, to the passengers during the meals on board karma as if the food were served them at home on their own at home are good that the direct route, even what the duration of the mission is concerned, is fully flush with that which may be required, is self-evident, and Line's well-known reputation is still so far a bail for a quick and very caring and pleasant carriage across the Atlantic.

It is obvious that a company such as Scandinavian-American Line, which, occupies a lead position in that particular area: delivery services of emigrants, lies inside with a variety of very flattering statements about routens excellence and the excellent relationship that reigns on board the steamer. These eloquent and fully reliable credentials stand at any disposition for every one who thinks undertake the journey to America.

Approaching New York Harbor

Approaching New York Harbor

Everyone Scandinavian emigrants therefore can not be in doubt, which steamship line he should use. As evidence of the Line's excellence and on the great sympathy which it has fought for in the migrating audience's opinion, edge. ex. mentioned that during the years 1903-1911 was promoted over 4.1 million passengers across the Atlantic with Scandinavian-American Line steamer. These figures speak a clearer language than many words, and would alone constitute a sufficient recommendation.

Every passenger who wants a quick and comfortable journey and who wish to undertake over the move in the company of fellow countrymen, whose language and customs he is familiar with, and every passenger, who wishes to maintain his usual good habits and that will not miss the comfort, without it whom the trip across the Atlantic would only pave the inconvenience, should the reason of this considerations avail Scandinavian-American Line direct connection.

Track Chart of Routes from Scandinavia to New York

Track Chart of Routes from Scandinavia to New York

The steamer departing from Copenhagen via Christiania and Kristiansand to New York, and the journey from the port to port proceeds daily.

The steamer construction and interior.

Photo 01: The Steamships Oscar II, Hellig Olav, and the United States

Photo 01: The Steamships Oscar II, Hellig Olav, and the United States

Double Propeller-Express Steamer "Oscar II", "Hellig Olav" and "United States" are sister ships and the Nordic and Baltic Sea Port of Arne's largest and most powerful passenger steamer. As the company not shrunk from a sacrifice, which can multiply passengers well-being, are the meadows created with the newest improvements and amenities and all the modern ships advances in technology have hereby been used.

These impressive steamers are 515 feet long, 58 feet wide and have a tonnage of 10,000 tons. In full Stadt state represents every steamer displacement c: nd 6000 tons.

The steamer builder is the familiar firm Alex Stephens & Son, Clyde, whose name is a sufficient guarantee for their practical furnishings and solidity. All the steamer are built entirely of steel and in accordance with the rules of Bureau Veritas highest caliber, fitted with double bottom vessels throughout the length and provided a very satisfactory safety afdelade in several independent of each other, water-proof room. For Catt your steamer's movements on the lake smooth and regular, are the vessels fitted with bilge keels.

The Steamship SS C. F. Tietgen

Photo 02: The Steamship SS C. F. Tietgen

Double-propeller-steamer "C. F. Tietgen "has a length of 485 feet and a width of 53 feet. Angaren is built by the world famous firm of Harland & Wolff in Belfast. It is, like the other three the meadows built entirely of steel and extraordinarily strongly constructed. Steam's entire interior is in the essence the same as the "King Oscar II", Olav "and" United States ".

It can be safely stated, that these giant steamer every respect, speak against the best in the transatlantic fleet.

In addition to passengers every steamer bring about 6,000 tons capacity. For Steamships that use two triple expansion machines. Every one of these has three cylinders and ?? Capacitors..

To effectively illustrate the dimensions of the steamer. Ex. mentioned that double-propeller-Express steamer chimneys have a diameter of 17 feet and rise 115 feet above the vessel, is in other words, they have the same height as Runde tower in Copenhagen.

Two - Person Cabin in Third Class

Two - Person Cabin in Third Class

SEPARATE CABINS NOTE: All passengers few places in separate cabins. 1 item steamers are namely, the entire 3rd class set up with small cabins for 2, 4 and 6 people. San-thalami are of galvanized iron after Hoskins patents and complete with mattress, pillow and duvet crooked, who are free to passengers free begag-being. Every cabin is also provided with washstand, mirror, etc., etc.

Four - Person Cabin in the Third Class

Four - Person Cabin in the Third Class

Walk The locations of 3rd class passengers are situated both advantages and aft on across the deck and are so arranged that they provide a free and magnificent prospect over the sea, and spacious spatserplats for the passengers.

On the main deck are arranged large dining rooms, which extend over the whole breadth of the ship and between the tire fine in every detachment place arranged for passengers bespisande.

The meals.

Third Class Dining Room

Third Class Dining Room

The meals at the inviting and mouthwatering, set tables and serving is handled by a Scandinavian-American Line courteous and competent waiter, which in sufficient number are employed on board the passengers service. Female service is hired to be families and ladies instrumental. In addition, the employee a "Oldfrue", from whom young girls and unaccompanied ladies always able to obtain advice and information.

All cleaning of cabins and detachments is provided by the servicing of course, why the passengers avoid having to have any trouble DERMed.

On Steamers over the deck are three lounges, exclusively remain at their disposal for women and gentlemen, the 3rd class.

Another View of the Third Class Dining Room

Another View of the Third Class Dining Room

What concerns the more tangible and now once indispensable must mention that the storage of it for every trip necessary and significant ships' stores are created large bunker in the kitchen's immediate vicinity. On the deck during these be insulated cold storage and ice boxes of supplies. That in such a versatile housekeeping as that which fine on Scandinavian-American Line giant steamer, not missing an ice machine, the belt naturally. on every steamer can derfor daily produced all the way to 250 kg. ice.

Pantry in the Third Class

Pantry in the Third Class

Of all Steamer is in cabins, corridors and lounges electric light installed; when everything is lighted, beam countless electric lights on board each one of these palatial steamers. Heaters are placed everywhere in the steamship.

Cooks in the Third Class preparing meals

Cooks in the Third Class preparing meals

Then, as before remarked, by the company, nothing is spared, when it comes to increasing passengers well-being, it is self-evident, that bathing and dressing-and water closets found in large numbers, advantageously placed on board on the meadows; and it is just so self-evident, that the newest improvements have been used in these areas.

Residence Salon in the Third Class

Residence Salon in the Third Class

Every one of our third class passengers can, whenever desired, just without payment obtain a refreshing hot or cold baths. Moreover, everywhere on the ships catered for ample ventilation.

For further evidence of the company's account of the passengers, included on every steamer on the trip a music orchestra passengers entertainment contents.

After wearing considerations, it is no exaggeration to declare that Scandinavian-American Line absolutely at the height of what is the present-day claims may be desired by emigrants from Scandinavia to America, and in every age are capable of häfda his first tangs position through quick trip, friendly and the passengers were very courteous service along with modern vessels, especially in hygienic afseende are fully adequate, satisfactory. All this bar for this lime created a trust, which 5r the most authoritative recommendation, which can giroas.

Extract of 3rd Class A menu.

Each day at noon. 10-3: Corn soup, mjöik for the sick and children. Changes reserved.

Apparently, keeps the MEND board in 3rd class in every respect, rose by a good Swedish, bourgeois family's bill of fare, and Scandinavia-America Line has in this as in many other areas of the passengers side received only admit the same statements.


Oats Porridge with milk, Veal Breast Curry with rice, coffee, tea, milk, anchovies, sausage, Liver pâté, salami, butter. Fruit Marmalade, • Cheese, French bread, rye bread.
Sago Soup, Pork roast, gravy, pickles, potato, apple cake, fruit.
1 (1.3: Coffee with bread.

Black Pudding, The, milk, fresh steak, marinated herring, Roll Sausage, Liver pate, salami, cheese, fruit jam, butter, rye bread, French bread, toffee bread.


Oats Porridge with milk, fried liver with potatoes, coffee, tea, Mink, marinated herring, Meat Sausages, Liver pate, salami, cheese, fruit jam, butter, French bread, rye bread.
Fricasésoppa with green lineages, Grilljerat veal breast, gravy, pickles, potatoes, fruit pie.
1 (1.3 Coffee with bread.

Irish Stew, The, milk, corned beef, Liver pâté, sausage, salami, butter, fruit jam, cheese, rye bread. French-bread, toffee bread.

Oats Porridge with
Calf in fricasé with greens, peas, coffee, tea, milk, salt herring, liver paste, Corned- beef, salami, cheese, fruit jam, butter, rye bread, French bread.

Fruit soup with crackers, Veal steak, gravy, pickles, potatoes, Marmeladpaj,
1 (first 3: Coffee with bread.

Irish Stew, The, Milk, marinated herring, fresh steak. Roller Sausages, Liver pate, salami, butter, fruit jam, cheese, French bread, rye bread, Butterscotch Bread.

Oats Porridge with milk, salt sieve with onion sauce and potatoes, coffee, tea, anchovies, salami, Liver pâté, sausage, cheese, fruit jam, Butter, rye bread, French bread.
Griftgryn-sweet soup, roast beef with gravy, pickles, potato, apple pie.

K1.3: Coffee with bread.
Labscause, The, Veal, Potatoes Salat. Corned beef, salami, butter, fruit jam, cheese, French bread, rye bread.

Oats Porridge with milk. Fried calf's liver with potatoes, coffee, tea, salt herring, corned beef, sausage, salami, cheese, fruit jam, butter, rye bread, french bread.

Green cabbage soup, salt pork and fresh Pikantsås, Potatoes, Persikepaj.

11 (1.3: Coffee with bread.

Ox-Râgout, The, Liver pate, salami, The smoke beef, sausage, butter,
Fruit jam, cheese. French-bread, rye bread, toffee bread.

Oats Porridge with milk, Wienerkory with mashed potatoes, coffee, tea, milk, marinated herring, salami, Liver pâté, sausage, cheese, fruit jam, butter,

Rye bread, French bread.

Tomato soup with macaroni, Grilljerat veal breast, pickles, potatoes, Marmeladpaj.

K1.3: Coffee with bread.

Stewed fish, The, Milk, Macaronisalat, sausage, salami. Salt meat, butter, fruit jam, cheese, French bread, rye bread.


Oats Porridge with milk. Fish balls, Hollandsås, potatoes, coffee, tea, milk, salt herring, The smoke meat, liver paste, fruit jam, cheese, rye bread, bread's French

Rice porridge with sweet beer, Klippflsk, SMoT mustard, potato, Plommonpaj, Fruit.

1 (1.3: Coffee with bread.

Wienerkory with mashed potatoes, The, Milk, Liver pâté, marinated herring, fresh roast, corned beef, Medvust, cheese, fruit jam, butter, french bread, Butterscotch Bread,


Enrollment of passengers.

Telegraph Station on board a Steamship

Telegraph Station on board a Steamship

Passengers are requested, to the enrollment very carefully answer the question list of clauses and that the signature is the same.

Reliable filling saves the passengers much inconvenience, and the list may be sent to the agent along with down payments. US citizens need however, merely on the list give up their full name along with full address in the Americas, age, occupation, place of birth and place of destination, after which they may state that they are "United States Citizens" (See List of Questions).

It should be remembered that only the submission of down payments seats be reserved.

If a passenger would be in doubt whether the landing in America will be allowed, it would be best to consult agent before Question List is filled.

In the event the passengers wishing to travel to a station in America inland, advised the solving through-ticket at the agent, for the saving of course unnecessary spending and not least unnecessary break in New-York.

The old proverb: "Time is money" may here also remembered.

Wireless Telegraph Call

Wireless Telegraph Call

Boarding the steamer.

Departure from the Freeport of Copenhagen

Departure from the Freeport of Copenhagen

Embarkation on the steamer takes place in Copenhagen and Christiania.

So there is no change of clothes by rail or steamer, before the actual ocean voyage takes its beginning, a convenience that can not be too highly estimated.

Wireless telegraphy.

In all double propeller steamer is installed Marconi's telegraph station so that the meadows during the trip to be in communication with the shore or with other steamer Ocean.

Tariff for the Telegraph Ring from the meadows to stations in the country uppgifves of ångarnes telegraphists.

Onboard Diversions

Onboard Diversions


It should have general interest for Swedish emigrants to ertara, the physician examination of every feature passengers, in accordance with the American Immigration Law unconditionally should be undertaken in the European port cities, before boarding the emigrant ship öfverhufvud permitted, is undertaken by the relevant urban physicians in Copenhagen, Christiania , who in a humane and amiable manner to produce the passengers the necessary questions and air besides in the most considerate grain examine the passengers.

It is again a of the advantages that the direct Scandinavia-America Line offers its passengers, that the questions be placed on passages Arne's mother tongue and not done with the assistance of an interpreter.

Music On The Aft Deck

Music On The Aft Deck


In consequence of the new US immigration law be the following classes foreigners denied landing:

Idiots, mentally or physically infirm persons, such as the suffering of epilepsy, insanity, people who sometime during the last five years suffered by insanity or those which had two or more attacks of such disease.

View of the Promenade Deck

View of the Promenade Deck

Paupers, who is expected to fall poor relief cargo, professional beggars, people who suffer of tuberculosis or are afflicted with obnoxious or dangerous contagious disease.
People who have been punished for or committed crimes, which reveal moral depravity, supporters of polygamy, anarchists, prostitutes or persons who introduce women in lewd intention.

Every one person by written or implied contract or AFTAL committed to work in the United States. (Derma provision does not apply to personal servants).

Persons, who after having been rejected in the character of contract-workers before one year has passed again seek admission.

The arrival in New York

The arrival in New York

Every promise of work seen as an implicit AFTAL and many immigrants afvisas, when at the landing declare that they have been informed that their friends on fa-hand satisfied that the work gets them.

Persons whose ticket had been paid by any corporation, association, municipality or government, or children under 16, who are not accompanied by one or both of the parents.

To those whom are likely to be falling poor relief to load count people over 6o years, unaccompanied women with dependent children, the crippled, the blind, döfstumma, unmarried with child women and mothers of illegitimate children; Furthermore, people who lids of favus (skin disease), trachoma (eye disease), tuberculosis, hernia or heart disease, inflammation of the throat after gland surgery, hip joint inflammation, excessive swelling of the neck or spinal cord suffering.

The US immigration law upon set to Swedish exists for the indulgence of all our agents.

Note. Regarding some of those individuals, it may gifvas conditions during which access to the United States may be allowed. Thus become people whose malformation or disfigurement is not of such a nature that it makes the person in question incapacitated generally not denied landing and also school employees may be assumed to have access to the States when the relatives friends or acquaintances, settled in the States as US citizens with the desire and ability to undertake dependents, received a lawful documents to ensure they maintenance for the time they come to reside in the United States.

The Scandinavian American Line Docks in New York

The Scandinavian American Line Docks in New York

Children under the age of 16 who arrive without being accompanied by parents, or whose parents are not living in America, could only be received for promotion, a the journey to a close slägtning, t. Ex. brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparents, and then from such slägting exists laggiltig explanation ("Affidavit").

When children travel to parents whom reside in America, let the parents in a timely submit an affidavit and notice to the immigration authorities in New York about the children's arrival, inasmuch as the kids otherwise become retained until the information obtained from the parents.

This document ("Affidavit") that in the foregoing omtaladt, you need to become godkändt of the US immigration authorities, be utfärdadt in full lawful form. It may additionally be attesteradt of the appointed Notary Public in the County, State of exhibitors resides and that it may simultaneously by a Notary Public to be supplied with numbers sufficient-making confirmation that the document exhibitors are economically afseende so situated, that he is capable to fulfill its obliga- while wearing liabilities. The opportunity hvarest it is about children under the age r6, may also argued that emottagaren förpligtigar itself to ensure the upbringing and education.

Disembarkation Money.

Scandinavia American Line Passengers - Office in New York

Scandinavia American Line Passengers - Office in New York

Note. Immigrants landing in America, ought to be in possession of sufficient funds for their maintenance until they arrive at their destination and able to work.

Immigration authorities see now heist that immigrants are not able to reside with genera gees or acquaintances until they could find work, at the landing carry at least $ 25.

Immigrants who do not meet these conditions, risk of becoming delayed until the money could be transmitted them or to become refuted by the authorities.

Rules concerning PASSENGERS tickets.

Free tickets (Prepaid).

Passengers from America received tickets for the trip, advised. that as soon as they decided to's departure from here, to ask our agent notice and simultaneously submitted frågolistan and the ticket, who then stamped and authorized to's departure with some definite steamer. The ticket is then sent back to the passenger in question.

Tickets from America to Sweden.

Carriage of passengers here from whom any station in America can be done through Linien tangle generating office. The ticket betales here and was sent to the appropriate passengers, whose full address in America feel uppgifvas. The ticket is valid and can be used to's departure in the course of one year. In the event the ticket of one reason or another not be used, refunded amount to the buyer with afdrag caused by overhead.

Return tickets.

For purchases of billjett from here to America can simultaneously return ticket for the return journey obtained. Such return tickets are valid for one year, räknadt from their date of issue.

Combined tickets.

Throughout tickets issued to all coastal cities and railway stations in the United States, Canada, Mexico etc to original prices.

In connection with the various US järnvägslinierna to San Francisco and Vancouver exhibited consistently tickets to all places in Japan, China, Manila, Saigon, Honolulo, Samoa, Australia and New Zealand.

In the same route are also issued tickets round the Earth ", combined for passenger desire to cheap original prices.

In connection with the New York outgoing ångbatslinierna sold tickets to various locations in the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

resold through-tickets through Panama to all cities on the west coast of South America next to Valparaiso and north to the western coastal cities in Central America, Mexico and California.

Approach to New York.


Passages Arnes uppmärksarnhet fixed as follows:

Every adult passenger can freely take along up to 20 cubic feet of luggage. Såframt more luggage entrained, must for every cubic foot above the excess paid 50 cents.

On the American Railway Arne medgifves every adult person 150 lbs. = 68 kg. luggage free; children, of whom half price paid, half. a lot. The price for the preponderance is dependent of the rail length and uppgifves upon application to the office.

On the Swedish State Railways fa carried 25 kg. charge for every adult passenger. The passenger has more baggage, this can afsändas here as DISPATCH GOODS, adresseradt to the company's offices. The shipping fee for the shipment here may be prepaid.

Bicycles attributed not to the passengers luggage. Shipping for one cycle to New York cost Kr. 9.50. The cycle may be packed in a solid Train-fanning and will be transported on passenger's own expense and risk.

Merchandise, money, securities and jewels ma non nedpackas in your luggage. The Company does not refund such things.

Valuables, bearing the owner's name and address, be delivered over to the captain or the accounting officer to be stored during the journey, without responsibility for the company in the event of fire, accident or other mishap.

Firearms and cartridges is prohibited nedpacka luggage; such may aflämnas to the captain on board. Nor shall flammable or explosive substances carried.

For damage, the luggage payable of the Company compensation only when the damage is demonstrably caused by negligence of the Company or its functionaries page. Under no EVENT can be power for compensation for other luggage n it, for Hvilket company left the warranty certificate.

Compensation for damaged or removed come luggage can in no case over rising 5o Cr. pr. Kolly. For loss caused by fire, stranding, collision or other accident at sea, the company is responsible not.

Alit baggage must be justifiable inpackadt and clearly marked with the owner's name and destination. Most advisable is also that on every specially luggage give up respectively steamer name.

Your luggage may be packaged in trunks, chests or boxes, these ought not to be too large, so that they become very heavy, and they shall be fitted with solid handles and justifiable locks, moreover, it should be useful to lash it shut with a rope, on that nothing may be implemented or come off, in the event that the lock skuile breaking.

Prior to boarding ma passenger himself satisfy itself that the baggage is arrived, afvensâ ma passenger draw care to obtain warranty brand utlämnadt for luggage, for Hvilket company guarantees.

The baggage Hvilket thus guaranteed, nedstufvas in ångarnes holds, and the passenger may not access the same during the trip, why clothing storage facilities are to be employed on the trip ought nedpackas in a special trunk, which, in case its size allows it, may be included in sofhytten. The passenger may himself take along on board the steamer.


No warranty is given for the baggage, the passenger keeps with him, nor for bags, knapsacks, bedding and hand-trunks.

Hand trunks, suitcases and small effects may the passengers themselves aboard. For this baggage charge non company.

Upon arrival at the New-York extradited luggage against aflämnande of guarantee label.

Lacking any passenger baggage may report thereof shortly be made to the steamer's captain or Ste mate, hvarvid passenger may give up the number on its guarantee mark, that question Kolly ma be sought.

Underlåtes this försigtighetsregel, ceases its liability.

General terms remarks.

Passengers are advised that once made can hit submit ordering of space on board utvandrareångarne.

Af owing to the direct routens advantages.

advised all emigrants, letting promote themselves across the Atlantic with Scandinavian-American Line solid and comfortable steamer "Oscar II" "Hellig Olav" "United States" or F. Tietgen,.

A glance at Linien richly illustrated prospectus, who willingly provided to every one, as separately produces request, shall suddenly convince about that emigrants are unconditionally well better served to confide in Scandinavian-American Line to the carriage. Remittances to every one place in America effected upon application thereof to the Scandinavian-American Line.

US money

bought and sold by the Scandinavian-American Line Agents and Offices; also issued instructions on America.

Af present over the term, tillräekligt state that every one who intend to travel to America in the 3rd grade, can not entertain doubts about whither he should have recourse if he wants a comfortable, fast and fully up to date his passage. The choice can only fall Scandinavian-American Line!

All letters and inquiries addressed to the agency for Skandinavlen America Line
Northern Vallgatan 68, Malmö.

is the only hinie that goes directly from Scandinavia to New York.

SCAN navia-American Line is the only binie exclusively promotes Scandinavian passengers.

is the only Linie hvarest the passengers immediately when the trip started in Scandinavia come on board in a large and modern ocean liners....

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