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Vintage Brochures of the North German Lloyd

Berliner Cewerbe-Aussstellung - 1896 Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen
Brochure Contents are printed using a old German Script which cannot be deciphered by those unfamiliar with the script. History of Norddeutscher Lloyd; Passenger Freight, Miles and Other Information. Contains large foldout chart providing schematics of a typical steamship of that era.

North German Lloyd - 1896 - Photographs (Berliner Cewerbe-Aussstellung)
Photographs of Interior and exterior views of the steamships of the North German Lloyd based out of Bremen, Germany. Included are photographs of the SS Kaiser Wilhelm II, Dining Saloon, Children's Room, Ladies Saloon and Lounge.

The Short Route to London via Southampton and the Continent - 1889
Brochure prepared by the New York Agents of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Steamship Line in 1889 - The year of the Paris Exhibition. As a convenient pocket size guide, the brochure provided a lot of good information about the Norddeutcher Lloyd, its fleet and acccommodations for First and Second Cabin passengers.

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