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The Short Route to London via Southampton and the Continent - 1889

Brochure prepared by the New York Agents of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Steamship Line in 1889 - The year of the Paris Exhibition. As a convenient pocket size guide, the brochure provided a lot of good information about the Norddeutcher Lloyd, its fleet and acccommodations for First and Second Cabin passengers.

Oelrichs & Co. General Agents

No. 2 Bowling Green, New York

Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamship Company

Bremen Line

Table of Contents - 1889 Brochure

The Short Route to London via Southampton and The Continent
  1. Fleet of Express Steamers, Associated Steamship Lines and Description of Steamers
    Norddeutscher Lloyd provides a list of their fleet of passenger steamships, all of their associated steamship lines and basic descriptions of their passenger steamers and daily scheudles.
  2. Passenger Information and Hints for Travellers By The Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamers
    The A to Z of passenger information including the process of Quarantine and Health Examination prior to entry in the US as it was in 1889. Great information for genealogist and historians.
  3. First Cabin Accommodations of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamships
    Owing to the powerful triple expansion engine as well as the favorable position of the saloon, it is hardly possible for the occupants to experience the ship's motion - The voyage of First Cabin.
  4. Second Cabin Passenger Accommodations of Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamships
    Every provision is made for the comfort and well-being of the second cabin passengers; the accommodations comparing favorably with the first cabin of former days.
  5. Personnel - Officers and Foreign Agencies of the Norddeutscher Lloyd
    The steamships of the Norddeutscher Lloyd are cornmanded by experienced officers vho save become veterans in the Company's service, and in whom the Company place implicit confidence.
  6. Approximate Rates of Fare and Time From Bremen to Points in Europe
    Approximate rates of fare for First and Second Class Travel from Bremen, Germany to many points in Europe including the time required for travel.
  7. List of Foreign Gold, Silver and Bank Notes Exchange Rates - 1889
    This is a listing by Norddeutscher Lloyd of Foreign Gold, Silver and Bank Notes Exchange Rates stated in US Dollar equivalents as of 1889, intrinsic vlaue, without regard to rate of exchange.

Brochure Information

  • Title: The Short Route To London via Southampton And The Continent
  • Published by: Oelrichs & Co. General Agents, Norddeutscher Lloyd
  • Date Published: Undated (1889 - due to reference to Paris Exhibition)
  • Number of Pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 15.1 cm


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