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Personnel - Officers and Foreign Agencies of the Norddeutscher Lloyd - 1889


Triple Expansion Engines of the North German Lloyd Steamers

Triple Expansion Engines of the North German Lloyd Steamers

The STEAMERS are cornmanded by experienced officers vho save become veterans in the Company's service, and in whom the Company place implicit confidence.

The officers in the employ of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamship Company are obliged to pass two rigorous examinations in the German nautical schools before they can obtain a position in the Company's service, and all of them have begun their career before the mast and have worked their way, step by step upwards, until they have proved themselves worthy of the trust placed in their hands by the Company.

The most conspicuous examples of devotion to duty and strict attention to the Company's interest are rewarded by a well-regulated system of promotion, thus ensuring for those who distinguish themselves in the qualities most desirable in a seaman, the sure prospect of advancement.

The Crew of a Steamship

Each steamer is manned by about 200 men, distributed as follows : 36 deck hands under 4 officers and to petty officers, 6o firemen, coal-heavers and machinists under 15 engineers, and 75 stewards.


  • KELLER, WALLIS & Co., 32 Cockspur St., Charing Cross, London.
  • KELLER, WALLIS & CO., Southampton.
  • LHERBETTE, KANE & Co., . . 19 Rue Scribe, Paris.
  • LHERBETTE, KANE & CO., . . . . . Havre

Company's Offices: BREMEN, Germany.

  • OELRICHS & CO., General Agents, No. 2 BOWLING- GREEN, W YORK.
  • H. CLAUSSENIUS & CO., General Western Agents, 2 SOUTH CLARK ST., CHICAGO.
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