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Second Cabin Passenger Accommodations of Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamships - 1889

Second Cabin Saloon

Second Cabin Saloon

Every provision is made for the comfort and well-being of the second cabin passengers; the accommodations comparing favorably with the first cabin of former days. Both saloons and state-rooms are located aft.

The saloon is thoroughly ventilated and lighted by means of large skylights and port-holes similar to those of the first cabin, and while not so ornamental, is fitted up in exceedingly tasteful manner, offering every convenience that can be desired.

The furniture, which is richly upholstered, and constructed with a view to ease and comfort, includes piano provided exclusively for the use of the second cabin passengers.

Electric lamps furnish the necessary light at night. The fare is equal to that of a first-class household and is served by efficient and attentive stewards at certain regular hours. Wine and beer is supplied at very low prices without affecting the quality, being selected by the Company with great care.

Second Cabin State Room

The state-rooms are also situated aft and in close proximity to the saloon. They are spacious, well lighted and ventilated apartments containing every desirable convenience, and can accommodate two to four persons. Special care is taken to have the berths provided with clean and neat bedding.

The wants of the lady passengers are attended to by two stewardesses detailed especially for that purpose. The Ladies' Boudoir has an excellent position on the upper deck and is cosily furnished with elegantly upholstered chairs and settees, receiving plenty of light and fresh air by reason of its splendid location.

The Gentlemen's Smoking - Room is also advantageously situated on the upper deck and is comfortably fitted up with easy chairs and lounges covered with embossed leather. Wine and beer is served by the stewards in attendance.

It is lighted night by electric tric lamps ail serves as pleasant resol for smokers t pass the evening hours.

The Second Cabin Deck on Norddeutscher Lloyd

The Second Cabin Deck on Norddeutscher Lloyd

A LARGE deck space has been set apart for the special use of second cabin passengers, and as will be seen by the illustration above, affords ample opportunity to indulge either in a promenade or a quiet rest in a well sheltered position. Passengers can thus enjoy the fresh sea air without being exposed to any high winds. This is a strong feature of our second cabin, the benefits of which cannot be too highly estimated.

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