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1924 Brochure Third Class Accommodations, Hamburg to New York

1924-12-06 Third Class Accommodations, Hamburg to New York. 20 page travel brochure offers extensive information on the thrid class accommodations on steamers of the Hamburg-American Line and United American Lines (Both lines operated out of Hamburg). Photographs included SS Albert Ballin, at the docks in Hamburg, Germany; SS Deutschland at sea; Third Class Dining Room on the SS Thuringia; Third Class Ladies Salon on the SS Deutschland; SS Reliance arriving in New York (Tug-Boats visiable on the side of ship); Statue of Liberty; Woolworthj Building in New York City; Third Class Lounge on the SS Cleveland; SS Cleveland on the Lower Elbe; Two and Four Bunk Third Class Staterooms; Third Class passengers relaxing on the Promenade deck; and the SS Westphalia. Provides information on Third Class Fares from Hamburg to New York, Information for non-Immigrants; Information for Quota and Non-Quota immigrants; Visa requirements (Extensive) and sample thrid class menus for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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