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Vintage Brochures of the Hamburg-American Line

The European Traveler's Memorandum Book - Hamburg American Packet Company 1890
This 1890 booklet was enclosed in a cloth ticket pouch issued by C.B. Richard and Co., General Passenger Agents of the Hamburg-American Line to their customers from 1890 to 1891. It included 31 pages covering travel to Europe - with an emphasis on first class travelers, but appropriate for all classes. There were no photographs within this brochure.

Across The Atlantic - The Hamburg-American Line (1905)
Across The Atlantic : Photographic Record of the Company's Various Types of Steamers Comprised in the Transatlantic Passenger Services. Although small in size, this 80 page booklet / brochure from 1905 provides an excellent record of the steamships and services of the Transatlantic Fleet of the Hamburg-American Line.

Northland Cruise - Hamburg American Line - 1908 Book of Photographs
A priceless photographic record of the Fleet of the Hamburg-American Line and the Cities, Towns, Fjords of Norway. Excellent photographic quality of these prints makes this an exception collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives. The selections of photographs are organized by general topics or subjects.

Vintage Brochure: The Steamship “Deutschland” - Hamburg-American Line (1924)
Extraordinary 1924 brochure that introduces the New Twin-Screw Steamship S.S. Deutschland of the Hamburg-American Line.

In der dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika, 1938 Broschüre - Hamburg-Amerika Linie
Es handelt sich um eine gut erhaltene Broschüre veröffentlicht wurde, dass vor dem Beginn des europäischen Konflikt, der sich aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Superb Fotografie macht dies ein Rekord excecptional der dritten Klasse Unterkünfte auf dem Dampfer Deutschland, New York, Hamburg und die Hanse.

In The Third Class to North America, 1938 Brochure - Hamburg-America Line
This is a well preserved brochure that was published prior to the beginning of the European conflict that became World War II. Superb photography makes this an excecptional record of the Third Class accommodations on the steamships Deutschland, New York, Hamburg and the Hansa.


Other Brochures Not Digitized.

Nordseebäder-Fahrplan 1914 - Hamburg-Amerika Linie Seebäder und Riviera-Dienst.

46 Page Booklet + Covers. Excellent condition. Features Panaromic photograph of See- und Luftkurort Hörnum a. Sylt. Other High Quality Photographs include: Der Neue bochelagants Turbinene-Schnellpostdampfer "Königin Luise" (1850 Personen fassend.); Turbinen-Schnellpostdampfer "Kaiser" (200 Personen fassend) shown at pier; S.S. Königin Luise Großer Speisesaal; S.S. Königin Luise Rauchsalon; S.S. Königin Luise Damensalon; S.S. Königin Luise Promenadendeck; Hörnum a. Sylt, Blockhäuser und Ruine; Strandieben in einem deutschen Nordseebade; Helgoland, Intarsia Im Speisesaal S.S. Königin Luise; Die Reisendampfer "Imperator" und "Vaterland" der Hamburg-Amerika Linie; Hamburg, Elbtunnel; Hamburg, Bismarckdenkmal; Hamburg, Segelschiffhafen; Hamburg, Innere Stadt mit Alsterbassin. Superb Color Graphic on Front Cover. In German with complete schedules and fares for North Sea Services and Photos of places to visit.


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