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The European Traveler's Memorandum Book - Hamburg American Packet Company 1890

The 1890 European Traveler's Memorandum Book

This 1890 booklet was enclosed in a cloth ticket pouch issued by C.B. Richard and Co., General Passenger Agents of the Hamburg-American Line to their customers from 1890 to 1891. It included 31 pages covering travel to Europe - with an emphasis on first class travelers, but appropriate for all classes. There were no photographs within this brochure.

The booklet's contents have been transcribed as below:

  1. Introduction and Services of the Hamburg-American Line
    THE Hamburg-American Packet Company is the oldest German transatlantic line. It originated in 1847 as a passenger and freight line, running sailing vessels only, but was transformed in 1854 into a steamship enterprise, and from that date the business of the Company has steadily increased, until to-day it is one of the most popular lines plying between the United States of America and Europe, being one of the most desirable routes for tourists and the traveling public generally. 1,650,000 passengers have been forwarded by this Company.
  2. Safety, Speed and Comfort of the Passengers
    These steamers are practically unsinkable, their great feature being a longitudinal bulkhead, running from stem to stern, which divides the ship, each side being provided with a separate set of machinery, boilers, shafts and screws. An accident to one side of the ship, therefore, does not in any way affect the other.
  3. First Class Passenger Accommodations
    Description of the First Class Accommodations on a typical Hamburg-American Steamship in 1890. Covers Public and Private rooms including the Promenade Deck, Upper Deck, Main Deck, Staterooms, Ladies' Saloon, Music Room, Smoking Room, and Cusine.
  4. Second Class and Steerage Accommodations; Regular Service
    The conveniences in the second cabin of these steamers are excellent, everything being provided to make the passage agreeable. All accommodations for second-cabin passengers are on the same decks as those of first cabin. The whole aft-part of the promenade deck is specially appropriated for the use of second-cabin passengers, thus giving them ample opportunity for exercise on one of the finest portions of the deck. In addition, there is a tastefully fitted up ladies' saloon and a comfortable smoking-room on the same deck.
  5. Other Affiliated Lines owned by Hamburg-American Line
    The steamers of this line sail from New York for Copenhagen and Stettin, and offer unsurpassed facilities for passengers going to Denmark, Norway, Sweden (Scandinavia), and to the countries of Eastern Europe. Stettin is a center of commerce and traffic for all parts of Brandenburg, Pommerania, East and West Prussia, Posen, Silesia, Saxony, Bohemia, Austria, Hungary and Galicia, Russia and Poland etc., and passengers to and from these countries, going via Stettin, enjoy the benefit of a shorter railway trip than a journey to any other port of embarkation would require, and thus save both time and money.
  6. Officers of the Hamburg-American Line
    The vessels of the Hamburg-American Packet Co. are manned by officers who have been in the Company's employ for years and whose seamanship has been thoroughly tested during many trying voyages; the strict discipline maintained on these vessels comparing favorably with that on board of a man-of-war.
  7. Hints to the Traveler
    The steamers of the Hamburg-American Packet Co. sail from the HAMBURG PIERS, foot of First Street, in Hoboken, adjoining the New York Ferries. The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad, the New York, West Shore & Buffalo, the New York, Lake Erie & Western, the Pennsylvania, and the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Companies all terminate on that side of the Hudson, in close proximity to the Hamburg Docks. Hoboken is reached from New York by the Barclay Street Ferry (down-town) or the Christopher Street Ferry (up-town), both landing at the same place in Hoboken, adjoining the Hamburg Piers.
  8. List of European Hotels
    From ann 1890 Brochure of the Hamburg-American Line, here are hotels including ratings for the major cities throughout Western Europe.
  9. Coding / Decoding Cable Messages
    Reading those cryptic cable messages could be difficult without this handy guide to coding and decoding cable messages from 1890. Includes frequently used phrases and code.
  10. Forwarding Parcels and Goods from Europe to America
    Tourists desiring to have their purchases abroad forwarded to their homes in America, should send them with explicit directions to a forwarding agent at the nearest large port, who will ship them to his agent in New York, have them passed through the Custom House and sent to the place of destination.
  11. United States Custom House Duties
    The Hamburg-American Line provided a listing of the Duties charged on many common items broght by passengers in their luggage and on their person. It also describes items that are duty free.

Information about Booklet

  • Date Published: Undated but has an 1890 and 1891 Calendar
  • Published by: C. B. Richard & Co. General Passenger Agents of the Hamburg-American Line, Chicago and New York
  • Dimensions - Exterior Cloth Cover: 7.5 x 15 cm
  • Dimensions - Interior Booklet: 6.8 x 13.8 cm


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