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S.S. Prinz Oskar and Prinz Adelbert Photos - Hamburg-American Line - 1905

Photographs of the S.S. Prinz Oskar and Prinz Adelbert - Hamburg-American Line 1905 including interior views (1 large format, 4 small format) and an illustration of the sister ships.

Mediterranean Service

From New York to Naples and Genoa, and From Genoa, Palermo and Naples to New York.

The increasing popularity of this service has led the Company to assign exclusively to this route two new, steel, twin-screw steamships: namely, the " Prinz Oskar" and the "Prinz Adalbert." They were built specially for the Mediterranean Service, and conform in every respect to the standards of the most modern and luxurious Atlantic liners. They are large vessels of about 6,700 tons gross register.

The twin-screw system renders each, in effect, two steamers in one. The staterooms are roomy and convenient, and situated amid-ship on the upper and saloon decks. They are arranged for one, two, three or four passengers; and suites consisting of parlor, bedroom, bath and toilet have also been provided. The large social saloons are ornate in themselves and are appropriate in their furnishings.

Located on the promenade deck are the ladies' parlor and gentlemens' smoking room, while the dining room is on the upper deck. The promenade deck is covered by a permanent wooden awning and affords ample space for promenading, games, etc.—as well as for the placing of deck chairs. Service and cuisine are excellent and of the same standard as that of the popular steamers " Moltke" and " Bliicher " of the north Atlantic service. A band of musicians accompanies each vessel.

During the winter months the Express Steamer " Deutschland" and the steamship " Moltke" are added to this service for several special trips.

S.S. Prinz Oskar and Prinz Adelbert

S.S. Prinz Oskar and Prinz Adelbert

Main Saloon - S.S. Prinz Oskar and Prinz Adelbert

Main Saloon - S.S. Prinz Oskar and Prinz Adelbert

Interior Views - S.S. Prinz Oskar and Prinz Adelbert

Interior Views - S.S. Prinz Oskar and Prinz Adelbert

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