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S.S. Deutschland Photos - Hamburg-American Line - 1905

The S.S. Deutschland of the Hamburg-American Line

S.S. Deutschland in the open seas.

Photographs of the S.S. Deutschland of the Hamburg-American Line from a 1905 Brochure. Nine interior views and one Exterior View of First and Second Cabin Accommodations.

Twin-Screw Express Service

From New York to Plymouth (London), Cherbourg (Paris) and Hamburg, and from Hamburg via Dover (London), Cherbourg (Paris) to New York.

For those desiring to cross the Atlantic as quickly as possible and with the greatest degree of comfort and luxury, there can be no better choice than the great flyer of the Express Service.

When the magnificent "Deutschland" was constructed the contract demanded that she should excel all other vessels in the world, particularly in point of speed. No expense was spared to attain the ideals in view.

The enormous size of the vessel is indicated by the following dimensions, length, 686 1/2 feet ; width, 67 feet ; and depth, 44 feet. The displacement of this steamship is 23,000 tons. Her bronze twin-screws are 23 feet in diameter. Her engines develop 37,500 horse-power.

How well the standard as to speed was attained is evidenced by the fact that the " Deutschland " holds the world record for time across the Atlantic. She has made the trip from New York to Plymouth in 5 days, 7 hours and 3S minutes, and has maintained an average hourly speed of 23.51 knots over a course of 3,082 knots -- a record which stands alone and stamps the "Deutschland" as preeminently the "greyhound" of the seas ! On one of her trips 601 knots-692 statute miles -- were covered in one day.

Other notable vessels assigned to this service are the well-known Twin-Screw Steamers "America" and "Kaiserin Auguste Victoria" which are constructed according to the most modern plans of marine architecture and affording to the traveling public every comfort and luxury.

While the " Deutschland" crosses in less than 6 days to England and France and less than 7 days to Hamburg, the voyage of the other vessels of this service is about a day and a half longer.

Interior Photographs

Cupola and Main Saloon - S.S. Deutschland

Cupola and Main Saloon - S. S. Deutschland

Main Saloon - S.S. Deutschland

Main Saloon

Ladies' Parlor - S.S. Deutschland

Ladies' Parlor - S. S. Deutschland

Partial View - Drawing Room - S.S. Deutschland

Partial View of Drawing Room - S.S. Deutschland

Companionway - S.S. Deutschland

Companionway - S.S. Deutschland

Smoking Room - S.S. Deutschland

Smoking Room on the S. S. Deutschland

Grill Room - S.S. Deutschland

Grill Room on the S. S. Deutshcland

Ladies' Parlor, Second Cabin - S.S. Deutschland

Ladies' Parlor, Second Cabin - S. S. Deutschland

Smoking Room, Second Cabin - S.S. Deutschland

Smoking Room, Second Cabin - S. S. Deutschland

Other Steamship Photographs from Across the Atlantic 1905 Brochure

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