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Vintage Brochure - Dollar Steamship Line - The President Liners - 1925

President Liners Travel Brochure - Dollar Steamship Line

In the round-the-world service of the Dollar Steamship President Liners a distinctively higher standard of luxury, comfort and convenience a standard designed to meet the requirements of ocean voyagers who insist upon refinements on a par with those of metropolitan hotels or clubs—is offered.

Every assurance that such a standard has been achieved is embodied in the arrangement of all cabins amidships, the pleasant and commodious state rooms having real twin beds (rather than berths), the abundance of accommodation with private tub and shower baths, the spacious public halls, and a cuisine attuned to these distinctive features.

The President Liners offer five services in one — Round-the-World, Inter coastal, Trans-Pacific, Orient-European, and Trans-Atlantic.


San Francisco, California

  • President Van Buren
  • President Monroe
  • President Harrison
  • President Adams
  • President Garfield
  • President Hayes
  • President Polk

Passengers Relxing on deck

Photograph 1: Passengers Relxing on deck

Happy hours of relaxation—new associations formed— lasting friendships fostered

Ladies Salon

Photograph 2: Ladies relaxing in the Ladies Lounge

An afternoon on the veranda at Mah Jongg or Bridge


Photograph 3: View of a Stateroom

Staterooms surprisingly large, immaculately white, many with private baths— an inviting feature of President Liners

Writing Room

Photograph 4: Writing Room

Letters home tell intimate tales of ports and people, things enjoyed and pleasures had on liners and ashore

Passengers Dancing

Photograph 5: Dancing in the Ballroom

Dancing, universally enjoyed the world 'round

Relaxing by the Fireplace

Photograph 6: View of the Smoking Room

Cheery fire-place and comfortable chair, a good cigar and a congenial friend, Club life made real life while at sea

Dining Salon

Photograph 7: Dining Salon

Exceptional cuisine—colorful surroundings

Playing Games on Deck

Photograph 8: Passengers Playing Deck Games

Spacious decks for playtime

Music Room

Photograph 9: Music Room

An informal evening in the Music Room

Typical Stateroom

Photograph 10: Typical Stateroom

A characteristic stateroom on President Liners

Sitting Room in a luxurious Suite

Photograph 11: Sitting Room in a Luxurious Suite

Home life and family life blend in complete harmony in these luxurious quarters

Social Room

Photograph 12: Socializing with fellow passengers in the Social Hall

The richness and elegance of social rooms on President Liners lend fascination to formal occasions

Golfing at Sea

Photograph 13: Golfing on an Ocean Liner

Golf at Sea has its attraction and thrills for the devotee of this popular game

Social Hall

Photograph 14: Children Playing in the Social Hall

Pleasurable afternoon in the Social Hall

Smoking Room

Photograph 15: View of the Smoking Room

Where the Spirit of Good-fellowship prevails

Relaxing on the Shelter Deck

Photograph 16: Relaxing on the Shelter Deck

Deck games and tournaments—varied scenes—sunshine and the tang of salt air

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