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1893 Brochure from the Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited

Brochures published by the Cunard Line covered almost every topic from a steamship to sister ships and all ships used for a particular route or service. Other subjects included passenger information, Logbooks, Handbooks, Destinations (Cities) and Ports around the World, Travel and Accommodations in different Classes (First, Second, Third, etc.) and, of course, Tours.

Cunard Line Brochures (Uploaded)

  • 1893 Brochure: Cunard Passenger's Log Book
    Cunard Passenger's Log Book from 1893 that provides a short history of the Cunard Steamship Company and a description of the Royal Mail Steamers RMS Campania and RMS Lucania. Comprehensive text. List of Cunard services. History of the Line, with illustration of the Campania. Construction and Launch of the Campania, Fleet list. Blank pages for passengers log. Specially prepared ads. Rates for All Classes, Superb color Graphics on covers, with illustration of the liner. (See Image at right)
  • 1902-12 Booklet: The Story of the Cunard Line
    Cunard Steamship Company, Limited, one of the oldest and most famous of British steam navigation undertakings elected to remain independent and outside the scope of the great Trust. This is their Story as published by BUSINESS ILLUSTRATED. December, 1902.
  • 1907 Håndbok For Amerika Reisen med Cunard Linje
    Handbook For Emigrants of Norway to prepare for the Journey to the United States with The Cunard Line, Founded 1840. Contains Facts, Details, Particulars, Manuals and Advice About Travel in the United States. Common Phrases Translated. Published by the General Agent Olaf H. Solem of Trondhjem - Norway, Trondhjem Waldemar Janssens Bootrykkeri 1907
  • 1912 Brochure: RMS Franconia & Laconia: The Largest and finest steamers in the Boston Service. Superb brochure with 31 photographs of the ships and interiors including Saloon, Second and Third Class / Steerage.
  • 1914 Booklet: Historic Boston - Information on Boston circa 1914 plus information and photographs pertaining to the Cunard Line Boston Service including Cunard Docks at East Boston, and connection with Boston & Albany Railroad and New York Central Lines and a brief article on the Aquitania.
  • 1921 Passenger's Guide: Mauretania covers Saloon and Second Class accommodations, Cutout indicates what is located in Decks A through E and a listing and information about Ocean Sign Posts.
Other Cunard Line Brochures in the Archives In the Queue For Uploading
  • 1909 Booklet: A New Way To The Old World: New York - Mediterranean - Adriatic Service of the Cunard Line - 36 Pages.
  • 1910-03-21 Booklet: Famous Cunarders - Features Carpathia, Carmania, Caronia, Lusitania, Mauretania, Campania, Saxonia, Ivernia, and Pannonia
  • 1912 Brochure: The Two New Cunard Steamers - Laconia and Franconia - The largest and fastest steamers in the Boston service. Information, two photographs and photo collage of interior views.
  • 1913 Brochure: Fishguard Information for Passengers - 16 Pages full of information and photographs of the Port and Docking Activities.
  • 1914-06-01 Brochure of Services, Rates and Sailings of the Cunard Line
  • 1914 Brochure: Comparisons - RMS Aquitania: The Cunard Steam Ship Company, Ltd. Along with comparative illustrations of the size of the Aquitania to various landmarks, contains photographs of the ship being guided by a tug boat, a panoramic photograph of the Aquitania passing the skyscrapers of New York City (with several of the building identified); Photograph of the Stateroom on the Britannia in which Charles Dickens crossed the Atlantic in 1842 and Diagram showing comparative size of various types of Cunard Steamers 1840-1914
  • 1917-04-20 Brochure: Cunard Line, America to Europe, Minimum Rates and General Information
  • 1919 Map of the British Isles and Table of Distances, a joint publication of Cunard Line, Anchor Line and Anchor-Donaldson Line. The reverse side of the map features the new Cunard Building under construction in New York City ready for occupancy during the Fall of 1920 or early 1921.
  • 1920s Brochure: Second Class to Europe from Boston to Queenstown and Liverpool: Economy with Comfort on the Cunard Line. 6 Photos of Interiors, Information for Passengers, 7 photos of destinations and Second Class Deck Plans for Samaria, Scythia, and Laconia.
  • 1920s Brochure: Tourist Third Cabin features 23 pages of mostly page size photos of interior views of the Aquitania, Scythia, Samaria, Laconia, Berengaria, Tuscania, Lancastria, Caronia, Carmania, Antonia, Aurania, Ausonia, Ascania, and Andania.
  • Cunard Line Brochure - Cunard to Boston1922 Brochure: Cunard to Boston: The re-opening of the Liverpool - Queenstown - Boston Service with the Samaria. 12 Interior Photographs, a Photo of Commonwealth Avenue, Boston and 2 Illustrations - RMS Samaria and Britannia in the Ice in Boston, 1844.
  • 1923 Brochure: The Liverpool Route - 16 Pages with information on UK landmarks and map of the Liverpool routes including train routes to the major cities in the UK.
  • ca. 1925 Brochure: Cunard to Liverpool via Cobh (Queenstown) on the Carinthia, Franconia, Laconia, Samaria and Scythia. The Liverpool Route: Key to the Heart of England. 30 Great Interior Photographs make this an exceptional brochure for that era.
  • 1926 Brochure: The Leading Student Tours To Europe 1927: Students Travel Club, New York. Contents include: 1927 Sailing Schedule, Life on Shipboard, Conducted Parties, Sightseeing, 1927 Tours, Listing of Colleges and Universities Represented, Comments by 1926 Members. Photographs included: 1926 Students parties on hotel terrace on Lake Maggiore; Student Sack Race Photos onboard ship; Game of Bridge on SS Berengaria; Diving into the SS Andania Pool; Beauty Contest Photos on the SS Andania; Entering the Blue Grotto, Island of Capri in 1926; Pillow Fight - SS Berengaria, Obstacle Race; Lighting the Candle - SS Andania, Resting after the Exertion; Tea Dance; Photos of Deck Sports, Photo of Tourist Cabin; Dick Bowers Harvard Orchestra - SS Berengaria.
  • 1930 Brochure: Once In A Lifetime: The Opportunity of a Lifetime made possible by International Society of Christian Endeavor: See Europe Now The Passion Play Berlin August 5-10, 1930 (Hamburg-America Line also used) Some photographs of third class accommodations and scenes in Europe.
  • 1930 Brochure: To Scandinavia via Cunard Line1930-05-04 Brochure: To Scandinavia via Cunard Line. Most of the photographs appear to be from the 1920s and and stickers were added in 1935 to let patrons know that the information was outdated. Provides a record of the Second and Third Class accommodations on the Aquitania and Berengaria and services by other lines to ports in Scandinavia including B&N Line, Fred Olsen Line, and the Ellerman Wilson Line. Photographs included: (Mauretania) Second Cabin Lunge and Music Room; (Aquitania) Third Class Lounge; Second Cabin Lounge and Music Room; Third Class Dining Room; Third Class Stateroom; (Caronia) Cabin Smoking Room; Ship; (Berengaria) Second Cabin Stateroom; Third Class Smoking Room; Third Class Deck Space (Partial View); Photos: Aquitania; Mauretania. It also has some information on the Scandinavian countries.
  • 1934 Booklet: RMS Mauretania: The Ship and Her Record by Gerald Aylmer. 64 Pages, 11 Photographs of exterior and interior views. Ships' history through about 1934. ®
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