Crew Count (Manpower) on a Steamship

This is the number of crew members required to operate and maintain the Cuunard steamships Campania and Lucania in 1893.

The Cunard Passenger Log Book - 1893


The crew, all told, number 424 men. It is divided into three groups or departments

  1. sailing
  2. engineers
  3. stewards

The details of the departments are as follows:

Sailing Department

  • 1 Commander
  • 6 Officers
  • 1 Purser
  • 1 Surgeon
  • 1 Carpenter and 1 Joiner
  • 1 Boatswain and 2 Mates
  • 2 Quartermasters.
  • 38 A,B,'s (Seamen)

Engineers' Department

  • 1 Chief Engineer
  • 21 Engineers
  • 2 Refrigerating Engineers
  • 1 Boilermaker
  • 2 Electricians
  • 2 Storekeepers
  • 2 " Donkey " Men - The Donkey Men are foremen in charge of the boilers.
  • 20 Greasers - kept the machinery parts well oiled.
  • 79 Firemen - sometimes called stockers) worked in the boiler rooms, feeding the furnaces with endless shovels of coal in sweltering heat. They also cleaned the boilers when necessary.
  • 6o Trimmers - were employed to keep the coal in the bunkers evenly trimmed and accessible for the firemen.

Stewards' Department

  • 1 Chief Steward
  • 129 Stewards
  • 8 Stewardesses
  • 41 Cooks, Bakers, etc.

Total Manpower requirements for the Cunard Campania and Lucania

  • 54 In Sailing Department
  • 190 In Engineers' Department
  • 180 In Stewards' Department
  • 424 Total Crew

It is scarcely necessary to add that the commander and chief engineer, and the leading men of the staff, are all men of great experience.

We have to thank the editors of Engineering and The Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine for the use of their descriptions of the building of the "Campania," and the History of the Cunard Company.

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