Barber Shop and Bathrooms on a Steamship

Barber Shop

Barber's Shop

Barber's Shop

There is a barber's shop, fitted, as the advertisement would have it, with all the appliances for the proper treatment of hirsute appendages, and having an electric motor for driving the brushes.


This has had special attention. The principal accommodation for gentlemen is on the upper deck aft, convenient to most parts of the ship, and particularly to the smoking room, from which there is a special stair.

The general lavatory has a large number of washstands with unlimited supply of water and tip-up basins, mirrors, and everything complete. Near this again are the urinals. The bathroom and w.c.'s [water closets] each extend across the full width of the ship, and the flushing arrangements are such that there is a constant supply of water always passing through the pipe.

Ladies' Bath Room

Ladies' Bath Room

The Baths throughout the ship are of marble hewn out of the solid block, and there is an unlimited supply of cold and hot water. The Fairfield Company recognize objectionable features in the method adopted in many ships of heating the cold water in the bath by means of a steam jet, turned on at the will of the passenger after the cold water is in the bath, Hot water is therefore supplied, so that there cannot be any accident or annoyance, Shower, douche, plunge, and spray baths can be procured.

By the utilizing of a four-way cock in each case for hot and cold water, the passenger is saved the trouble of a confusing multiplicity of handles. There is but the one handle to turn to a given point, and the position of the handle is convenient. The accommodation for ladies is on the upper deck forward, while on the promenade deck, convenient to the suite of rooms, as in other parts of the ship, there are special lavatories, etc.

Navigating Officers Quarters

Officers' Mess Room

Officers' Mess Room

The navigating officers' quarters are on the shade deck, close to the bridge, while the engineer officers' are on the main deck, close to the engines, The members of the crew have their berths in the forecastle.

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