Heating and Safety Equipment


The Dispensary

The Dispensary

The whole of the passenger accommodation in the ship, including the public rooms, is heated by a most complete system of steam heating, all so arranged, that the whole or any part may be heated when required, Then the officers' and crew's quarters of the ship only, may be heated when the ship is in port and there are no passengers on board. The steam pipes are all covered with ornamental polished brass casings.

The dispensary and doctor's room is situated on the main deck, near the entrance to grand stair- case, and is fitted up with all appliances and requisites necessary, by Messrs. Frazer and Green, Chemists, Glasgow.


We have already stated that the " Campania" is so extensively divided into compartments by watertight bulkheads as to ensure her floating with any two of them flooded, and in some cases with even three spaces filled with water, particularly forward, where the chances of a smash consequent to a collision are greater than amidships or aft.

Again, the double bottom, the one 4 feet 6 inches inside the other, will minimise the consequences of a rupture in the outer bottom, owing to grounding, or running on to a hidden rock, for the inner bottom is as strong, and as watertight, as the outer skin, The intermediate space will be utilized for water ballast, for trimming purposes, and here it may be mentioned that the capacity for water ballast is about 2000 tons.

There is little chance of the ship foundering, or sinking by collision, but withal, provision has been made for such a contingency, The shade deck is occupied by 20 lifeboats, to on either side.

Sixteen of these life-boats are 30 feet in length by feet beam and 4 feet deep, and the others of slightly smaller size, a number in excess of the Board of Trade requirements. They can all be launched simultaneously if required, and have patent apparatus for launching, so as to prevent swamping. In addition, there are life-belts in every cabin and stateroom, more than sufficient for every passenger. Every passenger's pillow being water and air tight is also meant as a life saving apparatus, and will keep the possessor afloat until a refuge is found.


Ventilators and Life Boats

Ventilators and Life Boats

The passenger rooms, and indeed the whole ship is ventilated on Utley's system, the distinctive feature of which is the use of a valve at the inlet, so that when the opening becomes submerged the valves close, forming a water-tight job. When the water recedes the valve drops down again, leaving a free passage for the air to pass through,

In this way there is a free passage for the air to enter, so long as the opening into the ventilator is not submerged, The forecastle-heads are supplied with a cowl and deck combination ventilator, leading into the firemen's and seamen's quarters, exhausting the air which originally enters through the port hole.

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