Second Class and Steerage Accommodations

1893 Cunard Passenger's Log Book


Ladies Saloon - Second Class

Ladies Saloon (Second Class)

The public rooms for the second class passengers are all placed abaft the machinery on the upper arid promenade decks.

The dining saloon is on the upper deck, and is furnished in a style equal to that of the first-class saloons in ordinary ships, in solid oak, and fitted with tables, revolving chairs, sideboard, etc. This, together with a seperate room for children and servants of the second class, will enable the second class passengers to dine in two groups.

The drawing room is on the promenade deck at the head of the stairway leading to the dining room and staterooms.

In the fitting of this room, as in the case of the apart for the first-class quarters, a want of uniformity has been aimed at, the result being a few very attractive apartment, which has the addition of a beautifully - toned cottage piano, furnished in satinwood, to suit the general decoration of the room; supplied by Messrs. Paterson, Sons & Co., of Glasgow. This saloon, therefore, although short of the luxuries of the first-class saloon, will be a most comfortable and pleasant resort for the ladies.

Children's Dining Saloon - Second Class

Children's Dining Saloon - Second Class

The smoking room is on the poop, with a stair leading from the cabins below. It is finished in American walnut, and has the ever-popular bar.

Almost the only difference between the fittings of the first and second class cabins and state rooms is in the use of brass mountings instead of electro-plate, and possibly there is a larger number of four-berth rooms. In all respects the accommodation and convenience are practically the same.

Steerage Passengers

The Steerage passengers, of whom from 600 to 1,000 may be carried, are accommodated on the lower deck. Iron portable berths are provided. These passengers will be allowed to promenade on upper deck, the circuit of which five times makes a one-mile walk, so that, in this respect, they are very favourably situated. Each compartment of the steerage has a pantry for the special use of the passengers located therein.

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