Smoking Room and Library


The smoking room has powerful counter attractions--material and otherwise. This apartment is about 40 feet long by 32 feet wide, and situated on the promenade deck aft, with a bar at one end. There is the same feeling of homeliness here in the fire burning brightly in the bronze dog grate, the flames dancing in the dark blue tiles of the hearth and cheeks,

The Smoking Room

The Smoking Room

The beautifully carved fire-place and overmantel are in excellent keeping, the woodwork being entirely of fumed oak, while the upholstering is in pigskin of the natural colour, which is certain to improve with wear. The style is of the Jacobean period, with the tables and chairs to suit. The whole tone is subdued and suggestive of elegant ease and comfort.

All round the smoking room are arranged small alcoves or recesses, each with little tables and chairs around the sides, so that here again, small parties may be formed to enjoy the comforts of the soothing pipe, or more elegant, if not more enjoyable cigar, or even—but tell it not in Gath !-- to take a friendly hand in that innocent game (not entirely unknown on the Atlantic) except "poker."

There are four different entrances or exits, two from the fore end leading to the ship where the staterooms are arranged, and one on either side leading on to the promenade deck, while a stairway leads to the deck below. In both drawing and smoking rooms it may be noted blowers are fitted, and these can be drawn to cover in each case the entire fire-place.


The library is on the promenade deck, convenient to the grand staircase. It is 29 feet long by 24 feet broad, and the general effect suggests French Renaissance. In the bookcase volumes suited to all classes of readers are arranged. The lower part of the case is enclosed with hinged doors having Amboyna panels, partly carved, as are also the plasters.

The Library

The Library

The upper part has glass doors and mahogany astragals. A carved covet surmounts the whole, and it is worked into the ceiling. Comfort is suggested by the two large ottomans in the centre of the room. Writing tables and iv chairs are arranged close to the walls.

The room is finished in richly - carved mahogany with Amboyna panels. The roof, which highly ornate, is painted in two shades of ivory, the electric lamps, which take the form of rosettes in beaten copper, being the centre of the pattern in each alternate panel. The floor is laid with oak parquetry, with a large richly-coloured Turkey carpet in centre. The seats are upholstered in Mecca and blue velvet; the curtains are of rich brocade, in harmony.

The tout ensemble of the library is very elegant and comfortable, and reflects, along with the other public rooms, great credit to the artists who carried them out—the Fairfield Company the dining saloon, staircase, and well, while Messrs. Wylie and Lochhead, of Glasgow, decorated and furnished the drawing room, smoking room, and library, besides the upholstery throughout the ship.

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