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Third Class Accommodations - Franconia and Laconia (1912) Cunard Line

The accommodations for third class passengers are spacious and airy and fitted with all those conveniences essential to the comfort and enjoyment of travelers and immigrants.

Third Class / Steerage Accommodations

In the construction of the Franconia and Laconia the comfort of the Third Class passenger has not by any means been overlooked; in fact, special attention has been paid to this department of the ships. The Third Class accommodation no longer consists of what might be called large dormitories.

Four-Berth Room in Third Class / Steerage

Photo 36: Four-Berth Room in Third Class / Steerage

Passengers are now allotted enclosed cabins with berths of modern type for two or four persons, while there are also a number of six-berthed rooms for the use of families. These cabins are all lighted by electricity, and the light can be switched on or off as required by the occupants. In addition to a washstand the rooms are also provided with a mirror, towels, and a plentiful supply of other toilet requisites.

Dining Room, Third Class / Steerage

Photo 32: Dining Room, Third Class / Steerage

The principal of the public rooms is the Dining Saloon, which is fitted with revolving chairs and situated amidships on " F deck. This is an exceedingly spacious and well-lighted apartment, and extends the whole width of the ship.

There are also two smaller Dining Rooms on each ship adjoining the main Saloon. These rooms are conveniently situated near the Third Class kitchen, which is unusually large, and is probably the largest afloat for Third Class passengers.

On " D " Deck is the Social Hall, which is one of the new features introduced on the Franconia. It is a bright and cheerful room.

Ladies' Room, Third Class / Steerage

Photo 33: Ladies' Room, Third Class / Steerage

The other public rooms on the steamers are the Smoking Room and Ladies' Room. Both these are situated on "E" Deck, and are comfortably furnished and well-lighted by several port holes.

Not the least of the Franconia and Laconia's attractions for Third Class passengers are the spacious Promenade Decks; indeed, the space allotted for passengers in this class is particularly liberal. There is an Open Promenade on "C" Deck and a large Covered Promenade situated on " D Deck Both Promenades are within easy access of the other portions of the Third Class accommodation.

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