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Second Cabin Accommodations - Franconia and Laconia (1912) Cunard Line

Particular attention has been given to the second class accommodation, which is to be in all respects, equal to what was provided only a few years ago for first class passengers.

Two-Berth Room - First Class

Photo 30: Four-Berth Room - Second Cabin

Second Cabin Accommodations

In the Franconia and Laconia the requirements and comfort of Second Cabin passengers have received special attention. In modelling the part of these splendid new vessels reserved for them, nothing has been overlooked in the way of spaciousness of both the public and private rooms, and what is also very important, the ventilation arrangements ensure plenty of fresh air.

Drawing Room, Second Cabin

Photo 24: Drawing Room, Second Cabin

The Second Cabin Drawing Room on both ships is treated in a simple Adam's Colonial style, with white panels. The carpets and coverings are a " veiue rose," which gives a broad and cheerful aspect to the room.

A series of bays are arranged furnished with comfortable upholstered seats. There are also writing tables and arm chairs, and an extensive library.

Dining Saloon, Second Cabin

Photo 25: Dining Saloon, Second Cabin

The decoration in the Second Cabin Dining Rooms is very similar in character to that of the First Class, though, of course, not quite so elaborate. The ceilings have been levelled down so as to obtain a wide and broad effect. The bulkheads are treated with panelling, and the pilasters painted white.

The decks are covered with rubber-cork tiling arranged in broad, strong panels, which give a very similar appearance to the tiling of the First Class Saloons.

Service tables are arranged at various advantageous points in the rooms with a view to facilitating the service, and comfortable revolving chairs have been provided for the passengers.

Smoking Room, Second Cabin

Photo 28: Smoking Room, Second Cabin

A Corner of the Dining Saloon, Second Cabin

Photos 26: A Corner of the Dining Saloon, Second Cabin

State Room, Second Cabin

Photo 27: State Room, Second Cabin

The Second Cabin Smoking Room is at the after end of the vessels, and is always undoubtedly greatly appreciated by its users. The panelling is of a very fine figured walnut. The room is well lighted by a lantern light and also by square windows.

A series of bays are arranged round the room, with settees upholstered in green moquette, which harmonises very well with the walnut woodwork. Comfortable chairs and tables are provided for card-players.

The Staterooms are fitted in a somewhat similar manner to the First Class, and are arranged in two, three and four-berthed rooms. Good wardrobe accommodation, with the necessary toilet requisites, will be found in each Stateroom, while another point of considerable importance is the provision of excellent ventilation.

Covered Promenade, Second Cabin

Photo 29: Covered Promenade, Second Cabin

Not the least of the attractions of the Second Cabin is the very adequate deck space provided. There is a lengthy covered-in promenade, while in addition there is also a large open space.

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