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First Class Accommodations (Part 2) - Franconia and Laconia (1912) Cunard Line

The arrangement on the Laconia of the first class public rooms on Deck "A" or upper promenade deck, included the Verandah Café, smoking room, gymnasium, lounge and writing room.

The Verandah Café

Photo 17: The Verandah Café

The Verandah Cafe, which has proved such an attraction upon the Lusitania and Mauretania, was introduced into the Boston service for the first time through the Franconia, and of course this popular innovation is maintained on the Laconia. It has proved one of the most attractive resorts on the ship, and, commanding as it does a splendid view of the Cunard Highway, is a popular rendezvous for passengers. It is situated at the after end of " A" Deck, well sheltered from the wind.

The walls have been treated to represent stone stucco and covered with green trellis, upon which ivy has been trained, while palms and other plants are arranged in jardinieres.

The furniture consists of loose wicker settees, arm chairs and tables.

Dining Saloon in First Class

Photo 20: Dining Saloon in First Class

The First Class Dining Saloons are magnificent and spacious apartments. The floor is covered with rubber-cork tiling, laid out in large panels to give the effect of a marble floor, so often found in houses of this period.

A State Room in First Class

Photo 11: A State Room in First Class

The ceiling, reproduced from some of the original Adam's models, together with the walls, is painted ivory-white, relieved by Gobelin blue and beige coverings and hangings.

The various bays around the rooms are set out with small tables for two, and large oval tables for eight in the centre—altogether, there are over forty.

There are four-legged arm chairs, which in ordinary weather will be loose, but they can be fastened to the deck should necessity arise.

To facilitate the serving of meals, the old-fashioned sideboards have been replaced by service tables at various points.

The upper portion of the Dining Saloons are surrounded by a balcony of wrought iron, the ceiling being executed in delicately modelled plaster. At the after end of each balcony is the minstrels' gallery.

Coverred Promenade in First Class

Photo 21: Coverred Promenade in First Class

The Gymnasium

Photos 14 Passengers Enjoy The Gymnasium on the Franconia and Laconia

Fireplace, Smoking Room, First Class

Photo 15: Fireplace, Smoking Room, First Class

Not an unimportant feature of the Franconia and Laconia is the spacious and pleasant Promenades, open and covered, provided for the passengers.

The State Rooms, situated upon " B," "C" and "D" decks, are replete with every modern convenience.

They are large and commodious, fitted with wardrobes, dressing chest, and washstand with running water. Particular attention has been paid to the bedding, which is of the Marshall sanitary type.

In addition to the ordinary state rooms, there are some en suite state rooms, with private bath rooms, and a large number of single berth rooms.

The corridors are all covered with blue and white rubber-cork tiling.

The bath and lavatory accommodation is of the most approved type.

Four-Berth Room - Second Cabin

Photo 22: Two-Berth Room - First Class;

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