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Ship Information And Launcing of the Franconia and Laconia (1912)

The RMS Franconia and Laconia

Photo 2: The Cunard New Twin-Screw Steamers RMS FRANCONIA and LACONIA.

  • Length over all: 625 feet.
  • Breadth over all: 72 feet.
  • Depth from top of houses to keel: 90 feet.
  • Gross tonnage: 18,000 tons.
  • Height of funnels: 140 feet.
  • Diameter of funnels: 17 feet 6 inches.
  • Height of masts above keel: 200 feet.

The largest and finest steamers in the Boston Service.

The Franconia and Laconia, constructed at Wallsend-on-Tyne by the well-known firm of Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd , have been built for the Liverpool and Boston service during the summer and for the New York and Mediterranean service in the winter and early spring season.

RMS Franconia on the Stocks

Photo 3: RMS Franconia on the Stocks

Taking the Water - the Launch

Photo 6: RMS Franconia Taking the Water - the Launch

Though not so large in point of gross tonnage, nor built with the object of attaining the unrivalled speed of the Express Cunarders Lusitania and Mauretania, the Franconia and Laconia embody features—especially in regard to their passenger accommodation-that place them in the very front rank of modern liners.

The launching ceremony of the Laconia assumed quite an international character in that it was performed by Mrs. Whitelaw Reid, wife of the American Ambassador in London, while the word Laconia, in addition to its Grecian associations, is an old name for part of New Hampshire, U.S.A., in which State is also situated the town of Laconia.

Franconia Notch, U.S.A.

Photo 3da: Franconia Notch, U.S.A.

The origin of the name of the Franconia is also interesting. Franconia was a loosely connected aggregate of districts and territories lying chiefly within the basins of the Rhine, the Main, and the Neckar, the boundaries of which varied at different periods of its history. The name is also perpetuated in Franconia Notch, a beautiful suburb in New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Marconi Wireless, Watertight Compartments and Anti-Rolling Tanks

The Franconia and Laconia are equipped with the Marconi Wireless System and the Submarine Signalling Apparatus, while the body of each of the ships is divided into a number of watertight compartments. Their design, together with their bilge keels, ensures that steadiness and seaworthiness in all kinds of weather for which Cunard steamers are noted. In the case of the Laconia, Herr Frahm's anti-rolling tanks have also been fitted.

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