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The New Anchor Line Fleet - 1926 - Anchor Line to Ireland & Scotland

The New Anchor Line Fleet - 1926 - Anchor Line to Ireland & Scotland

1926 Brochure: The New Anchor Line Fleet: Anchor Line to Ireland & Scotland, 24 Pages packed with 22 Photographs, mostly interior views - Cabin Class. Extracts of Ship's History added to Photograhs sourced from Wikipedia.

  1. Caledonia
  2. California
  3. Cameronia
  4. Transylvania
  5. Tuscania


For 70 years the Anchor Line has been transporting passengers between New York, Londonderry and Glasgow. That's a venerable age for a business -- the allotted span of life -- and one concludes that efficiency, satisfaction and good will must have had some hand in the longevity.

The Scots are sticklers for that, in their unassuming way, and coupled with their good humor and self-imposed twitting on such subjects as penury, one finds a unique atmosphere at once aboard an Anchor Liner and settles down to an "at home" week.

With the advent of the new CALEDONIA and TRANSYLVANIA the fleet is strengthened to an unprecedented point. These three-funnel sisters, together with the CALIFORNIA and CAMERONIA, serve the public weekly between the above ports.

The former two made their maiden voyages in the fall of 1925 and the TRANSYLVANIA went on a Mediterranean cruise during the winter months which definitely established her as a favorite among cruisers. Both ships have been built with this feature uppermost in mind and the spaciousness of the public rooms bears it out in the following photographs.

The public rooms in the Saloon are principally located on "A" deck. Foremost is the main lounge opening off the central foyer, with its grand staircase and lift.

The port side of the promenade deck, glass enclosed, forms the garden lounge and dancing deck. Going aft, the writing room is situated on the port side and the popular corridor lounge on the starboard.

Beyond this is the smoking room -- in the TRANSYLVANIA, a beautiful work of matched walnut, and in the CALEDONIA, in the Renaissance style with unusual Corinthian columns.

Abaft of the smoking room is the gymnasium, equipped with electric mounts, racing cycles and other apparatus in charge of an instructor, and finally the veranda cafe. This opens up with wide French doors on the sports deck where heated contests enliven the sunny mornings.

The dining saloon is reached from the main foyer in a two second ride in the lift to "E" deck, with the Second Class dining room aft on the same deck and also reached by a lift. The Second Class lounge and smoking room are just aft of the veranda Café but on "B" deck.

The views following will emphasize the claims made for these ships and we are content to let the reader judge for himself.

Anchor Line Map:: Irish Coast & Firth of Clyde with Steamship Track Route Shown

Anchor Line Map:: Irish Coast & Firth of Clyde with Steamship Track Route Shown


Fastest Passenger and Freight Steamers in the World —There is no Better Way

From: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Portland, ME

To: Southampton, Cherbourg, Plymouth, Liverpool, London, Londonderry, Glasgow, Queenstown, Bristol, Hamburg, Mediterranean, West Indies, Levant, Around the World Cruises.

Fleet: Berengaria, Laconia, Lancastria, Aurania, Cameronia, Aquitania, Samaria, Alaunia, Ausonia, Tuscania, Mauretania, Scythia, Andania, Caledonia, Franconia, Carmania, Antonia, Transylvania, Carinthia, Caronia, Ascania, California

Freight Only: Tarantia, Vasconia, Valacia, Verbania, Vardulia, Verentia



In conjunction with Thomas Cook & Son, Raymond & Whitcomb Co., Frank Tourist Co., Frank C. Clark. etc.

The Cunard and Anchor Lines offer annually a wide selection of cruises around the world, to the Mediterranean, the West Indies and to North Cape. Exact itineraries vary from season to season—the quality of the service offered, never. The ships dedicated to such use include the Mauretania, Carinthia, Franconia, Laconia. Samaria, Scythia, Caledonia, Transylvania, California, Tuscania, and Cameronia.

Itineraries, rates, and full particulars of next available sailings promptly furnished upon application to our local office or agent, or the TOURIST DEPARTMENT


Relieve you of all concern for the safety of your funds. Accepted without question, not only on Cunard ships, but by banks and railway offices, hotels, and shops the world over. Issued in convenient denominations from $2 to $100, protected from misuse if you should lose them by every safeguard, they form probably the safest and most convenient way in which to carry money during your travels.

Apply to local offices or agents or FOREIGN EXCHANGE DEPARTMENT


The Cunard and Anchor Lines' arrangements for insuring traveler's baggage against breakage, theft, loss, or fire, on land or sea, offer another great mental relief to travelers well worth the moderate rate charged.

Full particulars from any LOCAL OFFICE OR AGENT


  • Atlanta 3o Walton St.
  • Baltimore 107 East Baltimore St.
  • Boston 126 State St.
  • Chicago 14o North Dearborn St.
  • Cleveland . . Union Trust Bldg., 1022 Chester Ave.
  • Detroit 1243 Washington Blvd.
  • Minneapolis Metropolitan Life Bldg., Cor. Third St. and Second Ave.
  • New Orleans 205 St. Charles St.
  • New York 25 Broadway
  • Philadelphia 220 So. r 6th St.
  • Pittsburgh 712 Smithfield St.
  • Portland. Me 198 Middle St.
  • St. Louis 1135 - 37 Olive St.
  • San Francisco 501 Market St.
  • Seattle 407 Union St.
  • Washington 1406 H St., N. W.


  • Halifax Granville and George Sts.
  • Montreal 20 Hospital St.
  • Quebec 67 St. Peter St.
  • St. John 162 Prince William St.
  • Toronto Bay and Wellington Sts.
  • Vancouver . 622 Hastings St., W.
  • Winnipeg 270 Main St.

Accommodations may also be secured at any steamship ticket -or tourist agency

A. & P. 37653 -- Printed in U.S.A

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